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Episode 749

How Commas Can Make Your Cleaning Company Stuck: Episode 749


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Episode 749 –How Commas Can Make Your Cleaning Company Stuck.

Welcome to the podcast Cleaning Nation! Today, we have Bree from Alsaka on the podcast to chat with Mike. Bree Started her cleaning company in 2016 and during that year got pregnant. She knew she was done cleaning at that time, and started to hire others to help so she could work from the office.

You have to Decide NOW.

It took Bree creating a baby and knowing that her energy needed to go towards growing a business to stop cleaning within her own business. That mindset shift took Bree from being a cleaner to a business owner. Every “cleaner” must do this FIRST. They must make a decision that they will no longer clean if they want to make that transition to the business owner. Finding your “why” allows you to do that.

Put a period. Not a Comma.

In Brees’s case, she knew being pregnant meant she either had to put the business on pause, or she needed to get out of cleaning. With so many others, they don’t have that same “period” at the end of that sentence. Their sentence, instead, ends with a comma.

“ I really want to get out of cleaning, but It’s not that bad.”

“ I feel like I’m stuck, but hopefully I’ll figure it out.”

“ I want to raise my prices, but maybe next year.”

Mike encourages that each of us take that comma out of our internal sentences and replace it with a period. Only then, will we be able to identify what we want and understand what we need to do to get there.

Bree Overcomes her hurdles.

Bree shares her experience of raising her prices. She started with those she was most comfortable with and slowly worked her way through all of her clients. She was grateful that she learned how to do this, but was still intimidated by it all. She was successful in raising her prices and was surprised by how easy it was! She ended up losing a few clients but was able to replace them quickly which means all her clients are paying the new price. This has given Bree the confidence (and funds) she needs to grow her cleaning company!

I’m not a cleaner. I’m a business owner.

Mike asks Bree the simple question. “How did you do it?” Mike wants to know how she was able to truly change her mindset from cleaner to business to owner. Bree shares that it was accepting the fact that she would be making mistakes, but learning that helped her grow. She learned that the fear that was truly holding her back was fear of failure. As soon as she took “failure” and moved it to “learning how to grow a business” she started feeling more encouragement each day. She was able to start taking those steps that have helped her grow to a successful cleaning company.

Final takeaways – Owners of cleaning companies need to pick a lane. Either you are a cleaner, or an owner. The longer to stay in the middle, the more you hold yourself back.

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