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Episode 696

How Brittney Turned a $7k Cleaning Account to a $20k Monthly Account: Episode 696


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Episode 696 – How Brittney Turned a $7k Cleaning Account to a $20k Monthly Account

Today we have one of our current Elite members, Brittney Pauley on the podcast. She is the founder of Maui Perfection Cleaning Services which she founded in September 2020 Kahului, Hawaii.

Brittney's Business Booms at her Expense

Brittney has been cleaning on and off over the years since she was 15 years old. Last year, the opportunity to take over a business just kind of fell into her lap. Little did she realize that she was getting into. Running the business is completely different than cleaning. Her business grew very quickly by word of mouth. She got tons of requests for work but was soon in over her head. She was trying to hire and develop systems and in a short amount of time. She came to the end of her resources in knowing what to do, but saw how profitable things could be. She had no idea how to sustain the business or to keep it growing

The Turning Point and Making a Decision

Brittney found hope when she found the Grow My Cleaning Company podcast. On her own though, she had a hard time putting together a concise plan. She had a hard time knowing how and when to put the systems and processes in place WHILE she was still cleaning. Brittney needed to make a change soon though because even though she was making good money, it was taking away time with her family from her. This was a turning point for her when she decided to get the help she needed and went all in.

Clarity from Math, not Feelings

As soon as Brittney committed and joined the Clean Profit Elite Program, she felt a shift to clarity. Now she had a road map, which was based on facts and math, not just feelings about how she should charge her customers.

She learned how much she should be charging people. Although she felt it challenging, she raised her prices. Some prices were raised very significantly to where she was expecting to lose the contract. But it turned out the exact opposite. Her clients started looking at her in a more professional way. Brittney actually started getting more work at the rates that made sense.

A Huge Win and More

Her biggest win was increasing her biggest client from $7k/month to $10k/month, and THEN doubled the account to $20k/month. She was so nervous but held her ground, when she did the initial price raise. She explained to her client that they had been undercharging and had made a mistake. The client was so impressed by Brittney’s honesty and professionalism, that they doubled the amount of work and service they needed!

One of her favorite aspects of the program has been learning how to hire. Her hiring processes before were very elementary previously. Now, people are coming to her easily through her hiring funnel. It takes a very small amount of her time.

Brittney feels that everything has started falling into place and she’s only been in the program for weeks. She has no doubt what she’s learning has saved her business. Her only regret is that she didn’t start the program a year earlier.

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