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Episode 658

How Being Coachable Can Help You Grow Your Cleaning Company!: Episode 658


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Episode 658 – How Being Coachable Can Help You Grow Your Cleaning Company!

Hey Cleaning Nation! I am here with Aviv Derman with me today. He has coached hundreds of cleaning owners and companies and is excited to share some amazing tips with you today.

How Not to Show Up to a Coaching Call

The number one thing not to do when on a coaching call is to lie about where you are in your business. A huge step in being coachable is to be open and be able to admit that your circumstances are due in part to your decisions. When you give false information to a coach they will be unable to help you in your business. When you allow yourself to talk about the hard things and the parts of your business that you are struggling in, your coach is able to give you the right information on how to move forward.

How to be More Confident

Sometimes people are scared to admit the issues they are struggling with but it is important to know that your coaches have your best interest at heart. Coaches have heard it all and you are not the only one struggling with your particular issues. Trusting your coach contributes a lot to your success. Trust your coach unless they give you a reason not to. It can be uncomfortable to open up but you have to ask yourself if you are more interested in being comfortable or if you want change.

Deciding what you Want

After you decide that you are more committed to change than fear, now it is time for you to ask yourself what you want out of life. Your business is a vehicle to achieve what you want in life so deciding what your goals are will help you build your business in the right trajectory. Once you decide what your goals are, now it is time to create a plan to achieve it. If you don’t have a goal you will not achieve what you truly want. One way to find your goal is to focus on you. When you solely focus on the business you will end up living and breathing it. Your business is meant to be a vehicle to your dreams and not in charge of your life. A decision to make your goals happen is the first step towards your success.

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