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Episode 670

How Alonzo Turned his Life Around & Became a Better Business Owner - Part 2: Episode 670


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Episode 670 – How Alonzo Turned his Life Around & Became a Better Business Owner - Part 2

Hello Cleaning Nation! We are bringing you part two of the amazing story on how Alonzo changed and became not only a better person, but a better business owner as well.

What helped him turn the corner?

Back then, Alonzo and his friends moved to the US, but it wasn’t a dream for him to go there. For some reason, they ended up going to the US without knowing what they would do with their lives or what they would become. They grew up with a different mentality and still did some bad stuff. At his lowest point, Alonzo actually overdosed and thought he was dying. He reached out to God in this moment and asked Him to send thim someone to help him.

He started to think about all of the wrongdoings he and his friends did before. Then he started hanging out with the right people and he felt he belonged to that group. Amazingly, not long after his overdosed, he met his future wife, Caitlin, and started to go to church with her. He felt his prayer was answered.

How was the transition out to Alonzo? Was it hard? Was it Easy?

When Alonzo brought himself to God and started talking to him, he felt the guidance that he needed in his life. He followed the path that God gave to him, and God took care of the rest.

Alonzo believes that God is the first reason for all the changes that happen in his life. Next is the center of his life, which is his wife – Caitlin. When Alonzo met Caitlin he just changed his whole life from that time he was with her.

Despite how Alonzo lived before, doing some crazy things, bad stuff, hanging out with the wrong people, he never let himself stay the same. When the opportunity came to him, he became more committed and always worked hard at his best. Alonzo is now surrounded by the people who truly care, support, and love him.

He knew that he could still be a better person. And since he is connected to God, he is very thankful and will be forever grateful.

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