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Episode 700

How A Supportive Partner Can Help Grow A Cleaning Business: Episode 700


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Episode 700 – How A Supportive Partner Can Help Grow A Cleaning Business

In today’s podcast, we are going to hear Mike Campion, head of the Grow My Cleaning Company, discussing with his wife Nathalie Campion about the role of a great support system in the cleaning business.

Why Partners Show Unsupportive Behavior

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

According to Nathalie, one of the main reasons behind the unsupportive behavior of a partner is lack of communication. In most cases, lack of communication creates misunderstanding and distrust among partners.

In a lot of marriages, one partner is an entrepreneur, and the other one is either not working or involved in a different job. In such cases, there remains room for miscommunication. One partner goes on investing without a proper discussion with his/her better half. It can make the other partner feel neglected, bullied, or having no value. They might think that they have to suffer the consequences of the other person’s decision-making.

When you stop explaining your business situations to your partner, he/she might feel unimportant and unworthy. It can even make them feel that perhaps his/her opinion doesn’t matter to you. Therefore, it makes your spouse believe that you are just wasting your money and nothing else.

Tips to Gain Partner’s Support to Grow in Your Business

  1. Value the Other Person’s Opinion
    According to Nathalie, one of the best possible ways to solve this issue is to value the other person’s opinion. In fact, a partner and entrepreneur should also take feedback from his/her spouse on crucial issues like making financial decisions. She came up with her own example when Mike said to her that he wanted to spend $70,000 on a coaching program, she felt important and valued. Asking for a partner’s opinion creates a sense of trust between each other. So, don’t ask your partner’s opinion because you have to, do it because you want to.
  2. Explain and Help Understand the Problem
    Nathalie explains that an entrepreneur needs to explain the problems in the business to the partner. This will lead to a constructive discussion and probably a solution too. For example, tell your partner if your business has been stuck in a hole and hit by a huge financial crisis. As a business owner, you have to take the risk of uplifting your organization. This way, your partner will surely understand and support you with your decision. If you don’t explain your current situations, there’s no way your spouse will understand and care about it.
  3. Communication is Key
    Communication is the key to solve any issue, according to Nathalie. If your business is not working out and you need assistance, communicate with your spouse. Explain to him/her that you are not a superman, you are stuck, and you cannot make this happen. Your spouse will understand that you are doing this for the family, and right now, you need support. Of course, there is a chance of failure in business as much as there are chances of success. But you want your partner to stand beside you and support you when you need it. So, communicate

The Final Take Away

In the end, it’s all about trials and tribulations when it comes to entrepreneurship. Spouses need to come forward and help one another to grow in not just cleaning but in any business sphere. A great support system can go a long way in a business. So, partners need to back each other in their respective ventures.

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