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Episode 1058

Hiring the Right Fit and Diversifying Roles in Your Cleaning Company (and more questions answered!): Episode 1058


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Episode 1058 – Hiring the Right Fit and Diversifying Roles in Your Cleaning Company (and more questions answered!)


In a recent coaching session with Mike Campion, cleaning business owners shared valuable insights into the challenges they faced. The focus of the discussion revolved around hiring practices, managing existing personnel, and considerations for branching out services. Let’s delve into the key takeaways from this coaching call.

Hiring the Right Fit:

Mike emphasized the importance of hiring individuals whose core values align with the company’s ethos. He illustrated this with a real-life example of a recent hire who, despite being young, demonstrated a strong commitment to the core values. Mike stressed that age isn’t the determining factor; rather, it’s the alignment with core values that ensures a successful and harmonious working relationship.

Diversifying Roles and Responsibilities:

The conversation shifted towards the challenges of having an operations manager responsible for scheduling, client management, and estimates. Mike advised against putting all eggs in one basket, citing potential risks if the manager were to leave suddenly. He encouraged a gradual transition by communicating with the manager about the evolving needs of the business, giving her time to adjust or find a suitable alternative.

Addressing Performance Issues:

Mike shared insights into handling an employee who consistently underperforms. He highlighted the significance of quarterly reviews, tying bonuses to performance metrics. If an employee falls significantly behind the average productivity, it becomes a core values issue, indicating a potential mismatch with the company’s values. Mike advised addressing this misalignment professionally and transparently.

Pricing Strategies for Commercial Bids:

The discussion extended to commercial pricing strategies. Mike recommended a cost-of-goods-sold-based approach, emphasizing the importance of maintaining consistency and fairness. He provided a powerful analogy, questioning the feasibility of keeping a place clean once a week while remaining open for business five days a week. This shed light on the value of the service provided and the client’s expectations.

Strategic Client Expansion:

Mike provided strategic advice on expanding services and clientele. He advised focusing on the existing ideal client profile before considering branching out. The key is to scale within the current parameters by increasing the number of clients who fit the established criteria. This approach ensures a sustainable and steady growth trajectory.


In the world of cleaning businesses, Mike Campion’s coaching call sheds light on the importance of hiring based on core values, managing personnel effectively, implementing fair pricing strategies, and strategically expanding services. By adopting these insights, cleaning company owners can navigate challenges, foster growth, and build a resilient and successful business.
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