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Episode 1121

Hiring Right: Using Core Values to Guide Your Interview Process: Episode 1121


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Episode 1121 – Hiring Right: Using Core Values to Guide Your Interview Process

The Importance of Core Values

In a recent podcast, Mike Campion discussed his approach to value-based interview questions. He explained how he uses a core values filter when evaluating potential employees. Rather than focusing solely on traditional interview questions, Mike asks about day-to-day scenarios and runs the answers through his core values filter. This method allows him to gauge whether a candidate naturally aligns with the company’s core values.

Using Everyday Scenarios

Mike shared how he asks questions that reflect common challenges in the cleaning industry. For example, he might ask what a candidate would do if their partner didn’t show up for work on a non-meeting day. The candidate’s response is then evaluated based on core values like having fun, making money, helping out, and being real. This approach helps Mike determine if the candidate is a good fit for the team, beyond just giving the “right” answers.

Clarifying Core Values

A key point in the discussion was the importance of having clear and well-defined core values. Sasha, one of the participants, shared her company’s core values: be great, be of service, own it, and do good work. Mike emphasized that these values need to be so ingrained that they can be recited at any time, even in the middle of the night. He suggested refining these values to be more specific and actionable, such as “be nice,” “work hard,” “be thankful,” and “figure it out.”

Implementing Core Values in Hiring

Once core values are clearly defined, they should be at the forefront of every decision and interaction within the company. Mike advised that 80% of meeting discussions should focus on core values, celebrating employees who embody these values and discussing how they guide the team’s actions. This constant reinforcement helps ensure that the entire team is aligned and that new hires fit seamlessly into the company culture.

Addressing One-Time Cleans

Capri, another participant, brought up a common issue with offering one-time cleans, particularly when new customers’ homes are exceptionally dirty. Mike offered several strategies to handle this. He prefers focusing on the lifetime value of customers, sometimes even providing the first clean at a discount or for free to build a long-term relationship. Alternatively, companies can spread the extra work over the first few cleans without additional charges, ensuring the client feels valued without overwhelming the team initially.


The podcast highlighted the critical role of core values in hiring and managing a successful cleaning business. By consistently applying a core values filter to all aspects of the business, from interviewing to everyday operations, companies can build a cohesive and dedicated team. This approach not only helps in selecting the right candidates but also fosters a positive and productive work environment where everyone knows what is expected and valued.
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