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Episode 638

Hiring Employees vs Subcontractors for Your Cleaning Company: Episode 638


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Episode 638 – John Gluck Hiring Employees vs Subcontractors for Your Cleaning Company

Hey Cleaning Nation. I am so excited to have John Gluck on the podcast today. He started Generations Cleaning in the early 90’s in Athens, Georgia. He came into the cleaning business by complete accident. There hit a point where he had to decide if he was going to continue working his day job or work full time on his cleaning business.

Subcontractors to Employees

When John started his cleaning side hustle, he never expected it to grow to the point it is now. After two to three years after starting his cleaning business, he realized that it was time to go all in on his business and quit his day job. His business is set up strictly for subcontractors and he wants to know what the pro’s and con’s are to having employees. Personally I like W-2 employees. So how do we make the transition from 1099 subcrators to W-2 employees? The first recommendation I make is to let the experts do their job. There are a ton of companies that will do the paperwork for this. An important step for this is to find a big company because they will have insurance to fix wrongs if there is a mistake. Using a third party company will make the transition much easier on you and your business.

How to Switch from Subcontractors to Employees

First thing first, is you should ALWAYS talk to a labor lawyer before making any decisions. One thing you can do to make the switch from subcontractors to employees is just hire all new people. A second way is to pick a date and switch everything over at once but keep all of the pay the same. By keeping the pay the same it will keep you from losing employees.

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