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Episode 467

Hiring a VA for YOUR Cleaning Company - Meet Ours!: Episode 467: LIVE with Mike Campion


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Episode 467 – Hiring a VA for YOUR Cleaning Company - Meet Ours!

As you start to grow your Cleaning Company, one thing you may want to do is hire a Virtual Assistant or Director of Operations to help you run your company.  In today’s episode, Mike introduces Ana, GMCC’s Director of Operations.  

Meet Ana

One of the goals of this interview is to give you both sides of the hiring process, so Mike asked Ana to share how she discovered Grow My Cleaning Company and this job.

“I decided to use,” said Ana. “As a single mom with two kids, and various jobs and own businesses under my belt, I knew exactly what I was looking for.  I also needed a job that was 100% remote, and offered flexible hours.

Link to Flexjobs

Mike took around 5 to 10 hours to detail out what his goals were for this position, what tasks and responsibilities there would be, and also gave information about the type of person he felt would best fit this role.  Mike then used Great Assistant, who posted the job on

Link to Great Assistant

Ana explains, “I knew as soon as I saw the job description that this was exactly what I was looking for, and that I would be the perfect person for the job.”

After going through an extensive interview process, which included personality tests and skill tests, and separate interviews from both Mike and the staff at Great Assistant, Mike decided to offer Ana the position.  ‘Great Assistant was expensive, but for me it worked out – we found Ana!’ said Mike. However, he knows not everyone has the budget to hire through this type of service.


Every new job can start out overwhelming.  Mike says, “Make sure you know what you need that person to do for you and put it in a clear ‘box’ so that they know what you expect from the beginning.”

“It was definitely overwhelming when I started,” laughs Ana. “I had a lot to figure out and organize – not because there was disorganization within the company, but because I had to figure out how I was going to get this all done in a way that I could understand and process.  There were also several people doing different parts of the job that I had to take over, and that was challenging in the beginning to know who was doing what. So I did what I do best – pulled it all together, organized it so that I could understand it, and started creating an Operations Manual that would help everyone at the company.  I was definitely slow to get it all figured out, but Mike was super patient!  After about two or three weeks I found my rhythm and switched from ‘learning mode’ to ‘helping mode’.”

You can’t expect someone to learn in 30 minutes what took you years to figure out.  But at the same time, you CAN give them the gift of your experience doing things the wrong way so that they can start doing it the right way from day one.  

Core Values Match

It is critical that the person you hire is a match to your Core Values.  Computer skills you can teach, core values you can’t. Having someone who sees a need and fills it – without being asked – is not something you can teach.  Mike says it’s “Mission over Money”. ‘Ana was all about the mission – she loves what we do here and wanted to be a part of it. She was all in, and money wasn’t her primary concern.”

“The team here is amazing!”  Ana says. “Cleaning Nation is an incredible group of people.  I really love working with such awesome people, and helping such hard working, dedicated business owners.”

Mike’s Take Away

As with finding clients for your Cleaning Company, you want your Employees to be a match to your Core Values.  Make sure you take the time to figure out what you want your Virtual Assistant or Director of Operations to do for you, and then stick to it.  Don’t overwhelm them with always adding more things or they will burn out, or get frustrated, and quit. Make sure you feel like they are ‘Mission over Money’.  If they are excited about what you are doing, and want to be a part of it, they’ll likely go the extra mile for you, and help you in ways you didn’t even expect or know you needed.

Ana’s Take Away

“Find someone you connect with, that you can laugh with,”  Ana suggests. “Life is short and we spend a lot of it working – I wanted my job to be positive and fun.  Mike makes me laugh, and the team here is positive and energetic and loves what they do every day! They are fun and inspiring to be around, and make me want to do my best all the time.  Find an assistant who you enjoy being around and who cares about the people you serve. And… be patient while they figure everything out! You know how to run your company, but they don’t yet.”

In addition, Ana seconds what Mike says about being clear about the job description. “Do the best you can to be as clear about what the job entails from the first time someone sees your job posting.  Tell them who you are, what your core values are, and what the ideal person would look like.  That way when they apply, you know they are interested in doing exactly what you need them to do.  I also don’t believe skill set is necessarily the most important thing to consider in hiring – the right person will happily learn whatever they don’t know if they are excited to work for you and your company.”

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