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Episode 211

Hiring a Cleaning Company Sales Staff That Rocks! Episode 211: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 211 – Hiring a Cleaning Company Sales Staff That Rocks!

Growing your Cleaning Company with Amazing Salespeople
How to Hire the Right Cleaning Company Sales Staff to get those Accounts
Hello, Cleaning Nation! Today Mike is chatting with Peter Weiss from Total Maintenance. Peter is looking for a way to supercharge his growth with amazing cleaning company sales staff. A little about Total Maintenance; They’ve been serving the state of New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania with commercial cleaning, floor cleaning, and handyman services for fourteen years!

Challenges you face when hiring cleaning company sales staff:
How do you set up someone for success year after year as a sales person?
What about a commissions?
Do you save money or lose money by paying by salary?
How to Hire the Right Sales Staff to get those Accounts:
Start first by thinking about your expectations for hiring cleaning company sales people. Here are some key points that will make your sales staff hiring process a bit easier:

Painful but true: expect to lose money for the first six months and find a return after that.
Get multiple sales people at once.
Compensation: treat your sales people like your base salary employees. If you don’t this will happen:
The Sales Staff will not treat the position as a “real job” and will fail in finding you accounts.
You will feel you don’t need to pour resources or time into him/her because you’re not paying him.
KEY POINT: This is not a short-term win, it’s a long term win with cleaning company sales staff
The KIND of Super Sales Staff You Want to Hire:

Experience is certainly one ingredient when hiring sales staff, but it shouldn’t be the first on your ingredient list for the best recipe in hiring your sales staff. Here’s really what you want before you seek out the experienced aspect of your sales staff:

Match your sales staff with your business core values.
Need someone who has a “go-get-it” attitude. Killer instinct will win EVERY time.
In the interview: have the potential sales person should sell you on why you should hire them.

RESOURCE ALERT: Click here to learn more about core values

Next up on your ingredient for hiring the perfect sales staff: experience:

Some type of sales experience-commission or salary base is good.
Janitorial Sales Experience not necessarily the best qualifications.
Often get poor sales training experience
Marketing Piece: Why hiring your super sales staff starts with great marketing

A tried and true saying that never fails is the better the marketing, the better your sales people are. We usually hire sales people to do the marketing for us; however, you will find that if your marketing is great, you sales staff will shine. Here are some notes on why:

Marketing is getting a predisposed, prequalified, interested prospect in front of your sales person.
Quicker, cheaper and more fun than hiring a sales person.
Once you get that locked into place get your systems into place.
Systems, Systems and More Systems!
If you have a good marketing system in place and have qualified, interested leads who are already educated and indoctrinated on how to buy and why you’re off to a good start!

Marketing first for getting good qualified leads.
Then sales people to handle those leads…as oppose to hiring sales people to get those leads.
All in all when you hire with your core values at the center and have clear and well explained systems in place you are setting your cleaning company sales staff up for success. When you have successful salespeople, your company will grow and you can focus on building a company that serves you instead of the other way around!

Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

The best piece of advice was from my father-in-law who said not to get emotionally attached…this is a numbers game. Don’t take everything personally. Bottom line thing to remember is not to stress about the losses. As long as at the end of each month and each year, you meet those goals, you’re good.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?

Make sure the environment you’re working in is a safe environment. Ensure that you have the safety aspect down and proper training for your employees in place!

What’s one idea, something simple and easy, that Cleaning Nation Can Implement Right Away to Improve their Business and/or their Lives:

Provide great customer service! If you’re on top of your customer service, 99% of the other cleaning companies will not be able to match you! See your customers, shake their hand, and let them know you’re the one behind your cleaning company. This will help you to keep accounts longer when they put a face to the name!
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