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Episode 501

Hire and Keep Good Cleaners: Episode 501: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 501 – Hire and Keep Good Cleaners

Probably one of the biggest questions we get asked here at GMCC is “How do I find and hire GOOD cleaners!?” If you don’t have any cleaners working for you, you have a JOB (aka – just over broke). If you have bad cleaners, you have a MISERABLE JOB! Your whole business (including your growth, reputation, and your dream!) depends on your ability to get good cleaners!

False Belief – It’s about cleaning skill.

The truth is this: you can teach anyone to clean BUT you can’t teach bad people to act good! You need to shift your mindset from thinking “I have to hire good cleaners” to “I have to hire good people.”

False Belief – It’s all about the money.

Your employees have most likely had a TON of crappy jobs. They want to be a part of something SPECIAL! They key is to build a community and culture within your team. This all starts with establishing core values as a company!

False Belief – You have to wade through a bunch of applicants.

You need a SYSTEM to wade through a bunch of applicants! When you put an ad out, you might get 100 responses and out of those 100, you might be able to reach out to 30 before you get tired of it or have other things to tend to. Say of those 30 you contacted, only 15 of those candidates get on the phone with you, and the numbers tend to keep on going down until maybe you have 1 or 2 good applicants from that ad. This is not scalable! You need an automated system that does the work for you and is scalable!

False Belief – It has to take a TON of time and it’s MISERABLE to hire just ONE good employee.

With the proper systems, you can have more employees than you need. This can take just 2-4 hours a week! No more hours and hours wasted on low quality applicants.

False Belief – No one shows up and when they do, they suck. So I can’t hire…

Don’t focus on who doesn’t show up, focus on ENOUGH of the right people who DO! Your mindset has as much to do with the hiring process as the people you will be meeting!

False Belief – I have to wait until I need cleaners to hire

You need an automated system that is ALWAYS attracting the people you need. By the time you actually need people, it’s already too late. Systems set up a constant incoming flow of potential candidates for cleaners so you’re never stuck in an emergency situation with no cleaner.

Once you get this shift in mindset right, the world is your oyster! It is SO MUCH EASIER to get good clients when you are brimming with confidence about your AMAZING team!

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