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Episode 011

Help With Cleaning Business: Episode 011: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 011 – Help With Cleaning Business

Help With Cleaning Business
Craig Kalucki Shares how help with his cleaning business moved him from cleaner to Owner!
Help with cleaning business can be tough. Listen in as Insider’s Circle Member Craig Kaluki tells how he got help with his cleaning business. Craig is the proud owner of Simple Clean based out of New Jersey and is one of our favorite human beings ever!

We discuss Craig’s transition from cleaning accounts himself, to hiring employees, getting bigger, better accounts and finally finding the time and freedom to be with his family

Check out this episode if you want to hear all about:

Working ON your Cleaning business instead of IN your business
How to stop cleaning, working, selling and trying to do it all
Not feeling guilty for working too much
The difference between $1,000/ hour jobs and $10/ hour jobs
Getting your life back
Craig saving divorce court and adopts a baby
Why you need a business coach to get to the next level
Getting paid while on vacation
If you are paying close attention, you might have noticed Craig talking about the concept of “ground rules” and how he scored a big account his first time using them. If you want to check them out for yourself, I go over them in detail in THIS BLOG – check it out!

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