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Episode 1141

Habit Hacks: How Small Changes Can Transform Your Business and Life: Episode 1141


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Episode 1141 – Habit Hacks: How Small Changes Can Transform Your Business and Life

Hey, Cleaning Nation! In this episode, Mike Campion teams up with the amazing Suzanne Bandick to explore the power of habits. With his years of business experience, Mike is all about finding those little levers that make a big impact. Today, he and Suzanne dive into how habits can be one of the best leverage points for personal and business success. They discuss how habits shape our lives and businesses, and offer practical tips on how to develop habits that serve you better. Get ready for a deep dive into the habits that can transform your business and life!

Small Habits, Big Impact

Mike loves finding those small levers that make a huge difference. In the cleaning business, you can sell once and serve the same customer for years. It’s all about leverage! Mike’s lazy, so he loves easy stuff that pays off over time. Today’s big lever? Habits. No one is without habits—they’re either helping or hurting you. Mike’s message: good habits are the foundation for success in any area of life.

What Are Your Habits?

Suzanne dives into habits, explaining how they become automatic. Think about brushing your teeth—you do it without thinking. The real question is, are your habits serving you? Take the snooze button, for example. Hitting snooze is a habit. It might seem small, but it can impact your entire day. Other habits like the foods you eat, how you think, and when you go to bed all play a role. Are these habits helping you wake up joyful and ready, or making you groggy and wanting more sleep?

Changing Habits, One Step at a Time

Mike chimes in, emphasizing that some habits are tricky to change. Instead of just trying harder, it’s about setting yourself up for success. For instance, put the alarm clock further away or go to bed earlier. Setting up small, supportive habits can make a big difference. Mike shares that trying to white-knuckle a habit change doesn’t work for him, so he sets up his environment to make good decisions easier.

Why Change? The Power of Commitment

Suzanne points out that if you tell yourself something is hard, it will be. Changing habits comes down to choice and repetition. If your reasons for changing are strong enough, you can do anything. Think about the benefits of getting up when the alarm goes off. Make the commitment to a new habit by focusing on the positive impact it will have on your life.

Implementing New Habits in Your Business

In business, habits matter too. Micromanaging employees is a habit that likely doesn’t serve you. Instead, trust your team and empower them by asking for their solutions. Admitting when you’re wrong and stepping back can build a stronger team and business. Asking yourself better questions can lead to better outcomes. For instance, instead of saying no one wants to work, ask why people don’t want to work and what you can do about it.

Wrap-Up: Analyze, Commit, and Focus

Suzanne wraps up with a simple plan: analyze your habits, commit to new behaviors, and focus on one habit at a time. Trying to change too much at once is overwhelming. Choose one habit, commit to it, and understand why it’s important. This will help you stay focused and make lasting changes.

If you want to dive deeper and implement these changes, Mike invites you to book a free call at Let’s turn these good ideas into real results!

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