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Episode 228

Guide to ensuring you are getting the most from your… Episode 228: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 228 – Guide to ensuring you are getting the most from your…

How to Have Great Core Values Throughout your Business
In this podcast, Mike speaks with Joe Pereira owner of integrity maintenance solutions who is seeking help with how to handle quality checks and distinguish between how to pay employees. Joe has the janitorial business in his blood, as both of his parents were in the business before marrying and starting their own company together that lasted more than 20 years. Eventually, Joe and his Sister then merged the parent’s company, and Joes own cleaning company together. They now specialize in servicing retail mainly grocery stores and over the last four years have had great success working with property management companies and helping them with their turn-key properties across the Northern California Area. Here is a quick resource if you need some help with building your cleaning company like Joe, if not then read on.

RESOURCE ALERT: Ways to ensure you are getting the best quality of work from your employees


It is important to keep in mind that when you are a business owner to pick a niche and stick to it. In doing so, you can assure your clients that you know exactly how to service them and that no other business out there can do it better than you can!

When it comes to issues of quality control and motivating your employees, there are many ways to go about it. Joe states he was paying his employees more than what the job was anticipated to take to ensure there was enough time for completion. With that comes expectations, over time your employees devalue the extra pay and it becomes more of an expectation than an incentive.

– Pay 10-15% more than what the market is hiring for in similar jobs

– Hire employees who have the same core values, they believe in completing the job right, and are people of integrity who take great care of their customers.

– Offer bonuses or awards with recognition of going above and beyond for the clients.

– Plan parties throughout the year and have raffles with prizes to those employees who are excelling

Having a system to quality check your accounts as an owner is vital. Mike suggests that any accounts that are cleaned five days a week be checked once a month, anything cleaned 1-3 days be checked every two months, and anything less than that to be checked quarterly. Employees should not have to be checked on very frequently as you should employ people who you can trust. We must assume that we have employees who have core values and believe that things should be done right the first time, not as quickly or easily as possible. If you have that the answer is to change employees not install a harsher quality control system. As an owner or manager, you should probably spend about ten hours or less doing this a month. One way to supercharge training is to require all employees within a month to be training the newest of employees in their onboarding. Then within three months have employees checking each other work, this empowers those working for you to quality check their own work based off of judgment of checking and seeing another employees work.

After hiring new employees, the training process should be painless

– For brand new hires have a trainer or manager spend the first 1-4 days with them at all times, completing the job together and teaching throughout

– After four days, the trainer should feel comfortable to drop off the new employee to complete the job alone with frequent check-ins throughout the day

– At day five the new employee should only need to be quality checked at the end of the day

– Once you hit week two, the frequency check should be dropped to twice a month

– By the end of the employees first month they should only need spot checking

Accounts should be monitored sporadically and feel random to the employees. It is not a good idea to form a habit of coming say every Friday; you’ll want to keep employees on their toes so that they will never know when a quality check may be performed.

RESOURCE ALERT: Comparing hourly and flat-rate pay

When you hire the right employees, there should be a high expectation standard set in the beginning. Employees should not be paid a flat rate based on allotting extra time to get the job done right. A six-hour job should take six hours, and to be overpaying is not the right way to go about recognizing employees for simply doing their job correctly. Pay employees for par as to what it takes to do the work set by the employer. When you overpay your employees with 10-15 % more than other companies are it is because as an owner you want to ensure that you have the best employees who value their job and love being there.

Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

Lead by example, never let an employee feel you would expect them to do a job that you are not willing to do yourself

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?

Thinking that only I can care about the company the way that I do and that only I can do as good of a job as anyone else, have families who feed their kids with the work that they do for me so how do I have this idea that only I care about what we do

What’s one idea cleaning nation can put into practice to improve their business or their lives immediately?

Whenever presented with an issue take the time after that issue has been solved to think about what the solution is and to build a system to resolve that issue going forward so that when you bring on a new team member or the issue ever presents itself again you are not the only person that people come to for an answer, the answer is already written down or it is a part of the culture or a rule within the company so that you are not answering the same question over and over again.
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