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Episode 239

Growing Your Cleaning Company to 6 Figure Revenue: Episode 239: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 239 – Reaching the 6 Figure Revenue Mark

Become A Six Figure Company
Increase your revenue with three steps to put your company in the six figure club
Today Lamories owner of A and A commercial cleaning which has been serving the Lexington Kentucky area has come to grow my cleaning company looking for advice on how to increase his revenue. Lamories was raised in a home with three other brothers, growing up his mother would make all of the boys clean the house on Saturday mornings. As Lamories grew up, he typically had jobs involving cleaning before deciding to give it a go and open his own cleaning business, which has successfully been serving the local area with commercial cleaning for the past twenty-two years.

RESOURCE ALERT: Two simple systems to put in place today https://oldsite.growmycleaningcompany.comhow-to-grow-your-cleaning-business/

Lamories has come to Mike looking for advice and techniques to grow A and A commercial cleaning to a 6 figure grossing business. To do so there are two systems that you can implement into your company to reach a goal of obtaining six figures:

-Client attraction system – how do you get the right clients to come and stay (Invest time and money in client attraction)
-Employee attraction system – how do you get the best employees to come and stay

Spend your money wisely to obtain clients. Ideally, five to ten percent of your company’s revenue should be dedicated to advertising. If those margins are not possible for your budget as an owner, you can personally spend more time on client attraction. You can save money by personally taking the time to hang door flyers rather than hiring someone to do so, or learning the SEO side of advertising like building a website for your business over hiring someone to do so.

RESOURCE ALERT: Three steps to put your business over the top

The MOST important step is the first step, choose a niche in your market. Narrow your focus to one particular niche in which you decide to serve so that your company can best serve the clients. When you concentrate on a specific niche, you are then able to become an expert at servicing those types of businesses and clients which leads to your business becoming the absolute best of that market. Choosing a niche is so vital because once you have figured which customers you would like to serve, you can then research locations to advertise according to where your clients may go and see your company’s advertisements.

Secondly, to best serve your customers you have to know what their pain is and how can you solve it for them. Once you have figured out who you are selling to you are then able to devise a compelling message that speaks to the clients about how your business over others will best solve that pain for them. When you start talking about the client and their suffering, this lets the client know that you are a cleaning service that understands their specific needs. When a niche has been chosen, the process of pinpointing where your target market is and the pain they occur you are then able to come up with a sales pitch that lets the customer know exactly how your business will better serve them than any others out there! Know your market in and out, learn the words and terminology that your clients use, understand their pain and the needs they will have better than any other cleaning service out there. In doing so, you can make potential clients feel comfortable, that you understand them which can be a huge appeal over other cleaning businesses.

The third step is to put the compelling message that addresses how you will solve your niche specific markets pain where those clients are going to see it! When customers come to you feel free to ask questions like:

– How did you find the cleaning company you currently employ?
– Where would you go to look for a cleaner if your business were to fire the current cleaners?
-How did you find my business?

In having those answers you can then compare multiple client’s responses to come up with an idea of where your niches market is looking to hire cleaning services.

Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

Learn how to pursue the market and target the client

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?

Listening to someone who told me that if you’re not making 6 figures you have not made it after being in business for so long.

What’s one idea cleaning nation can put into practice to improve their business or their lives immediately?

Keep at it!!
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