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Episode 751

Growing Pain vs Suffering: Episode 751


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Episode 751 – Growing Pain vs Suffering

Hello Cleaning Nation! Today on the podcast, we have our wonderful mindset coach Tracey Thompson here to talk to us about how we can actually stick to our goals this year and why we typically give up on them so quickly. If you want to make some goals that actually stick this year, this is the podcast for you.

Why Do We Give Up On Our Goals So Quickly?

We don’t walk through what’s at stake if we don’t accomplish that goal or what we could gain if we DO accomplish it. Once we get clear on what we are missing out on by not completing it or understand how our life would be better if we do, our motivation increases exponentially. A really common goal we make like this is to get out of cleaning. So, why are we still cleaning then? It’s a question of understanding our motivation. This is a concept called growing pain vs suffering.

Growing Pain vs Suffering

Suffering is what tells us all the reasons we shouldn’t push ourselves outside of our comfort zone. It is this innate, ancient part of us that has learned to survive through all this time. But it isn’t actually helping us in this scenario. And in the meantime, we are suffering from not growing in a way that would actually serve us a lot more than the suffering we are currently experiencing.

Your Mindset is What Will Get You on the Other Side

If your story is, it’s too hard to hire right now. No one wants to work. I have to pay too much to hire an employee. And you’ve trained your brain to avoid the hard things, this is going to feel like a real problem to you. If instead, you do the hard things that need to be done and are used to doing things that way, your mindset will be very different. You’ll already have the confidence that you can do hard things. You’ve done it before and you can do it again. The same goes for goals you make. If you put in the work to accomplish that first goal, your brain remembers that. It remembers that you are actually capable of doing things, even when they’re hard. And you are more likely to accomplish the next goal you set for yourself. Try it out, you’ll be amazed.

Final Takeaway: We have to do hard things to show our brain we can do hard things the next time.

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