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Episode 163

Growing a Cleaning Business Successfully: Episode 163: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 163 – Growing a Cleaning Business Successfully

Episode 163 Mark Parasi Two Maids and a Mop Dallas Interested in growing a cleaning business? Mark Parasi from Two Maids and a Mop Dallas is! In today’s blog/ podcast he chats with Mike about how to grow his cleaning business. Mark is off to a fast start with eight employees in just a year and a half in business. But he is impatient and wants to know how to accelerate growing his cleaning business. Sound familiar? The first big mistake you can make in growing a cleaning business is thinking all you lack is X thousand dollars a month in new customers. As you start acquiring those customers you realize that that isn’t the only thing stopping you. You need the systems and processes to complete the work for those customers. KEY POINT: It takes more than just revenue when growing a cleaning business! Owning a franchise like Two Maids & A Mop is a great start for systems. So are the free blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels offered at Grow My Cleaning Company. A typical problem when growing a cleaning business is jumping from fire to fire. Owners find themselves going focused on getting customers. Then the employees become a problem and customers get forgotten. Once that crisis is solved, you find your client attraction efforts have come to a halt. One problem with this strategy is both of these activities require time. We all wish we could turn on advertising today and get top quality customers and employees tomorrow. The reality is both of these take time to be effective. Because of this, you need to have systems in your cleaning business. Systems that are constantly attracting top talent and customers whether you “need” them or not. The temptation when growing a cleaning company is to focus on growth and ignore the underlying systems you need to support that growth. This causes you as the owner to just “work harder” until growth stalls and/ or you drop dead from exhaustion. KEY POINT: Instead of constantly putting out fires- discover what’s starting them and install systems to handle them Here are the steps we have covered so far Create a system to attract customers. CLICK HERE for an entire FREE Video playlist on how to do that. Create systems to actually do the work (finding, hiring and on boarding employees) Next it’s time to continue growing your cleaning business with your secret weapon… Core Values. A strong set of Core Values will supercharge your systems. Core Values provide a decision making foundation for you and your employees. To grow a cleaning company properly, you have two options: Pay top dollar and depend on finding and keeping the BEST employees. Not a bad strategy, but very difficult to pull off. Have a strong set of systems and Core Values that will get exceptional performance out of average employees. Living your Core Values will automatically attract the RIGHT kind of employees (and customers) as well as repel the wrong types. Mike doesn’t want to send Cleaning Nation away with just his thoughts on how to grow a cleaning business. So he invites Mark to share his expertise in the…

Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

Don’t ever take yourself too seriously.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?

Hiring for the wrong reasons.

Can you share one idea people can use to improve their lives or businesses TODAY?

Don’t underestimate your employees to be the face of your company and further your growth. They aren’t just labor.
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