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Episode 631

Good vs Bad Investments in Your Cleaning Company: Episode 631


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Episode 631 –Good vs Bad Investments in Your Cleaning Company

Hey Cleaning Nation! Today I am here with our amazing mindset coach Tracey Thompson! Today we are going to talk about good investments versus bad investments in a cleaning company.

A Common Question

We get people into the program who are in a range of being brand new in the cleaning business all the way to fifteen years in business. No matter how long people have been in business, we hear a common theme of trying to figure out a way to grow solely from the revenue in the company. There are a lot of different ways to invest in your business and it is very hard to invest just solely on the revenue in your business. All of your money is your business’s money so keeping that in mind, it allows you to invest more money into the really important things you need for your business to grow. One of the most important things to figure out is what is the most important thing you need to spend your money on.

An Example of a Good Investment

Any investment by definition is something that will bring a larger return than you invested. Anything you spend money on that doesnt bring a return is an expense. This is where a lot of business owners can get confused on where to spend their money.

How do you Make Your Investment Work?

Another thing that creates a return on your investment is how you take advantage of where you spend your money. If you pay for coaching and put work into it, you can create a large return. But, if you don’t put work into it you may not get a return on your investment. Ask yourself “How am I going to make it work?”. Your success depends on you and your investment. When you invest in something, immediately tell yourself that it is going to work. You get to choose the outcome.

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