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Episode 1066

Going from a 70 Hour Work Week to a 20 Hour Work Week: How this Cleaning Company Owner Did It!: Episode 1066


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Episode 1066 – Going from a 70 Hour Work Week to a 20 Hour Work Week: How this Cleaning Company Owner Did It!


In this podcast episode, Mike Campion engages with Tom Clements, the owner of Clements Cleaning based in Waterloo, Illinois. With over 20 years of experience, Tom shares his journey from a construction business to the cleaning industry, highlighting the pivotal moment that led him to shift his focus.

Transition to Cleaning Business:

Tom initially entered the cleaning industry due to a surprising revelation about income disparities in his household. The decision was prompted by a desire to spend more time with his wife, who had already started a cleaning company after their children began attending school.

Challenges Faced:

The discussion delves into the challenges faced by Tom and his wife, Brandy, as they found themselves working 60-70 hours a week, juggling daytime and nighttime responsibilities. The turning point came when they realized they were putting in extensive effort but not seeing the financial results they expected.

Seeking Solutions:

Tom shares the moment when he discovered Mike Campion’s podcast and how it resonated with his desire for a better work-life balance. The decision to seek help and join the coaching program became a crucial step in transforming their cleaning business.

Transformation Process:

The transformation process involved tracking their time, delegating tasks to part-time employees, and creating standing operating procedures (SOPs). Tom emphasizes the importance of having a hiring funnel to ensure a constant pool of potential employees, contributing to a smoother workflow.

Life Today:

Currently, Tom and Brandy focus solely on residential reoccurring cleaning services, maintaining a manageable workload. Tom spends around 20 hours a week on business-related tasks, enjoying the freedom to choose clients and jobs that align with their goals. Brandi, responsible for HR, experiences less stress due to streamlined operations and a more strategic approach to hiring.

Encouragement to Cleaning Nation:

Tom encourages fellow cleaning business owners to reassess their beliefs about cleaning and understand the emotional and social costs associated with being too hands-on. He emphasizes the need to have a system that prioritizes higher-value tasks and recommends building a hiring funnel to ensure a steady pool of potential employees.
In conclusion, Tom’s journey highlights the positive impact of strategic planning, delegation, and a mindset shift on the overall success and satisfaction in running a cleaning business.
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