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Episode 1069

Getting Sales Rejections in Your Cleaning Company? Here’s What to Do!: Episode 1069


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Episode 1069 – Getting Sales Rejections in Your Cleaning Company? Here’s What to Do!


In this insightful podcast episode, Claire, a residential cleaning company owner, shares her experiences and challenges in the cleaning industry. The conversation unfolds as Mike Campion, in his signature style, dives deep into Claire’s concerns and explores ways to overcome obstacles in Claire’s sales process.

Facing Discouragement:

Claire expresses her concerns about the number of walk-throughs that haven’t resulted in a sale, especially compared to previous months. She reflects on instances where clients mentioned that the service wasn’t a good fit. This prompts her to reevaluate her approach to the sales process.

Data Analysis with Mike:

Mike, ever the data enthusiast, delves into Claire’s tracking system and questions the apparent decline in successful bids. Claire clarifies her process, revealing that she’s intentionally going on more walk-throughs to gain practice and experience.

Identifying the Red Flags:

The conversation turns to the reasons behind clients stating, “You’re not a fit.” Mike breaks down the difference between budget constraints and genuine misalignment. Claire shares instances where clients cited budget concerns, prompting a discussion on the importance of understanding the true reasons behind rejections.

Refining Sales Approach:

Mike advises Claire to focus on the pain conversation, emphasizing the value of uncovering clients’ needs and challenges. He encourages her to be selective about the walk-throughs she attends, ensuring a better fit with potential clients.

Premium Service, Premium Price:

The dialogue shifts to the perception of affordability. Mike suggests reframing the language, moving away from “affordable” and embracing the concept of providing a premium service at a premium price. This shift in perspective empowers Claire to position her business as exclusive and valuable.

Embracing Growth and Patience:

Claire acknowledges the need for patience in growing her client base. Mike commends her coachability and highlights the significance of finding a balance between gaining new clients and maintaining high standards.


In this podcast episode, Claire’s journey in the cleaning industry unfolds, highlighting the challenges and opportunities present in the evolving landscape. As she refines her sales approach and embraces a premium service model, Claire navigates the path to sustainable growth in her business.
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