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Episode 568

Getting Past the Gatekeeper: Episode 568: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 568 – Getting Past the Gatekeeper

Hey Cleaning Nation! We’ve got an amazing question from one of our Cleaning Nation fans, Mary Kathleen Young Jacobs. She wants to know how to pass the gatekeeper. We are going to discuss the answer to that question here today!

Cleaning Nation’s Belief:

“If you can’t pass the gatekeeper then you can’t grow, and if you can’t grow then what’s the purpose in being in business?”

4 Steps:

1. Set your expectation that nothing is going to happen on your first event. 

  • We have fears, and because of these fears we create excuses. Th reality is nothing happens on the first event or first interaction. Just start an interaction and expect nothing.

2. Get the decision maker on your side by doing a pattern interrupt.

  • We often categorize, or judge. If you sound and approach like a salesperson then you are a salesperson. By being a salesperson, you probably won’t be interesting and won’t get any interaction.

3. Identify  the players and understand  their unique individual pain. 

  • There are three gatekeepers:
    1. The employee. The one who protects the decision maker. 
    2. The influencer. This one is oftentimes tricky because he pretends to be the gatekeeper. Sometimes this person has influence over the decision maker, but sometimes not.
    3. Then we have the decision maker. The person in charge of making the final decision.
  • It’s important to understand each of their pains. If we answer the wrong person with the wrong pain we’re gonna get the wrong result.

4. The final step is, give yourself permission to stop selling and start bringing value.

  • Set the mindset that this person has a pain that you can solve that pain. The more value you give the more money you will get in return.

In Summary:

  • Know what to expect by setting expectations
  • How to make gatekeepers LOVE you instead of stop you by making it fun for you and them with pattern interrupts
  • How to understand first, solve second and shelve selling forever
  • How to start solving pain instead of selling

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