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Episode 794

Get Your Story Straight, It Will Make All the Difference: Episode 794


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Episode 794 – Get Your Story Straight, It Will Make All the Difference

Hi Cleaning Nation! Welcome to the podcast. Today, we have Mike chatting with Darline Brower. Darline started Ace Cleaning Solutions in May of 2016 in Lubbock, Texas. She, like so many cleaning companies out there are struggling to find the right people to come and work for them. No matter how many times this question gets answered, however, each case is individual and Mike always drops some new golden nuggets on how to best go about resolving this common problem in your business. Listen in to see how he approaches it with Darline .

Pay Attention to Your Self Talk When You’re Trying to Solve an Issue

When describing trying to hire people to work for her, Darline had a story that had both empowering and disempowering statements in it. This might seem like a small thing, but it is so important to get really clear on what is really true, what you’re telling yourself about the issue at hand that is helping take you to the place mentally where you want to be (aka heading in the direction of solving your problem) and what is taking you farther away from that place. In Darline ’s case, she was saying things like, ‘I feel like I’m doing everything right, which can seem like an empowering thing to say, but if she is doing everything right and still isn’t able to hire, then she has an impossible problem to solve. If she is trying to hire but still hasn’t found the right way to do it…YET, the opens up the possibility to solve the problem.

How to Get Your Brain Into Problem Solving Mode

It is so easy to make these global statements about how NOBODY wants to work or EVERYBODY is underqualified, but they aren’t helpful, nor are they true. Not only that, but when we tell our brains that we don’t know how to solve a problem, we are inhibiting it from having the space to think creatively. If you ask yourself a question like, ‘how many people would I need to find and hire to make it so I never had to clean again, and have income coming in every month that my family could live off of’, now you have a question worth solving. And if you free your brain from ruminating on what is hard, you give it the space and creative freedom to try and solve that much more useful question.

The Power of Telling Empowering Stories

During this podcast episode, if you watch it on Youtube, it’s really interesting to watch the physical change in Darline as she goes from blaming herself for not being able to hire to telling herself the truth about who she is and why someone would want to work for her. When she was telling herself it was hard and she didn’t know how to find people to hire, she just shut down. For all of 2022, she didn’t even mess with hiring because it felt too hard. But as soon as she started being honest with herself about what she really brought to the table, she lit up inside. That is the power of telling empowering stories. Of having your mindset right. Your brain believes the stories and thoughts you tell it. May as well tell it the thoughts and stories that will push it in the right direction. You will be amazed at the leverage you get when you start doing this.

Final Takeaway: The stories you tell yourself can either be the thing that is keeping you stuck or the thing that is giving you the confidence you need to move forward, think of creative solutions, and grow your business. Make them good ones.

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