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Episode 614

Get Your Freedom Back as a Cleaning Business Owner: Episode 614


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Episode 614 – Get Your Freedom Back as a Cleaning Business Owner

MIKE: Hello Cleaning Nation! I am here with the amazing Marcus and Melissa fox from our Next Level Program. Melissa started Diamond Residential Cleaning in 2015 and shortly after Marcus joined her in the business. They joined our program at the beginning of 2020 and were out of cleaning by the end of 2020! Any important and fun stuff we should know about you?

MARCUS: You pretty much got everything. When I joined I was so sick of my 9-5 job. Melissa supplemented my income with the cleaning business so I quit my job and joined in with her to build it.

MIKE: So Melissa started the cleaning business all in. When you decided to join did you ease in or completely jump in and join?

MARCUS: I literally quit my job on a Friday and jumped on Monday.

MELISSA: At the time I was pregnant and was going to have to take maternity leave so I needed someone to take my clients for me. Having him join the business worked out perfectly for me.

MIKE: That’s cool that the company was making enough that Marcus could quit and join full time. “How did you guys find us?”

MARCUS: We were at a point where we tried hiring a few times but couldn’t figure it out. We were looking at a couple of different programs and found Grow My Cleaning Company on Youtube. I literally searched “grow my cleaning company” and you guys came up!

MIKE: That is awesome to hear because I am always talking to my clients about having a name that relates to your company so people can find you. For example, if I was to name my company “Mike’s Coaching” they would have never found me because Marcus doesn’t care about “Mike’s Coaching”. Marcus cares about growing his cleaning company. “So what was your biggest pain?”

MARCUS: We have three kids and Melissa wanted to be a stay-at-home. For me, I wanted more free time so we had similar pains. We really wanted our time back.

MIKE: So you went from Melissa working in the business and you having to work in someone else’s business to Melissa not having to do anything with the business. “What were you doing differently before you joined the program?”

MARCUS: She hired two employees before I quit my job and they were nowhere near our core values. We kind of just took who we could get and it just wasn’t working out. I never thought that I could be out of the field and doing the more important business stuff. On the path we were on, there was no way we were going to get out of cleaning.

MIKE: What changes did you make internally and externally after joining our program?

MELISSA: For me, the biggest change was letting go and learning that not everything has to be perfect. With the core value match, I was allowed to stop micromanaging people and relax. Externally I am much less stressed out and let Marcus handle a lot more stuff. Life is so much fun now.

MARCUS: The first thing that I had to realize was that if we had a training program everyone was being trained the same way. The system completely changed my mindset.

MIKE: How did you deal with the initial financial fears of hiring people? 17:50

MARCUS: There is a point where you will take more of a hit but as you grow we were willing to put in the time to get more clients. Once we had those clients we had the money to pay our employees and get out of cleaning.

MIKE: I love that you were like “I just sucked it up” and did what needed to be done because this made HUGE strides for your business. So what’s next for you guys?

MARCUS: We are so excited to see more growth in our business. Now that we are out of cleaning we can focus on growing the business even more while having our freedom back!

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