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Episode 1131

Get Unstuck: Expert Sales and Marketing Advice for Your Cleaning Company: Episode 1131


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Episode 1131 – Get Unstuck: Expert Sales and Marketing Advice for Your Cleaning Company

Let's Get Unstuck

Today’s theme is getting unstuck in your cleaning business. We love helping you solve problems. Let’s jump in with our first question.

Improving Sales from Email Leads

Bennett emailed us about struggling to improve sales from email leads. Mike suggests a two-part sales process: a short pre-call to check fit, followed by an on-site visit. Many avoid on-site calls, but they lead to better closing rates. If your leads aren’t converting, check three things: your funnel, how people join your email list, and your offer. Ensure your initial call qualifies leads well and your email offer is attractive. This process can greatly improve your sales.

Moving Conversations from Email to Phone

Lindsay asked if moving conversations from email to phone helps. Mike agrees completely. Starting with emails or messages is fine, but moving to a real conversation is key. It’s quicker and more effective than long message exchanges.

Being Confident and Effective in Sales

James asked how to bring his charismatic energy to client meetings. Mike advises focusing on being helpful rather than just likable. Adopt a “doctor” approach: diagnose the client’s problem and offer solutions confidently. Practice makes perfect, so role-play sales scenarios to build comfort and skill.

Tackling Burnout and Marketing Challenges

Manuel feels burnt out and stuck in marketing. Mike emphasizes the importance of tracking data over relying on feelings. Know exactly how your marketing is performing with precise numbers. Without data, marketing efforts can be inefficient and frustrating.

From Subcontractor to Business Owner

Emeka is subcontracting commercial jobs but feels she’s not making enough money. Mike explains that franchises often take a large percentage of revenue, leaving little profit. If you want to build a successful business, consider moving away from such setups. Start treating your current role as a job while building your own business on the side until it’s sustainable.

Final Thoughts

Today’s questions were fantastic. Remember, specifics and data are crucial in making informed decisions for your business. Keep tracking, practicing, and adjusting based on real results. Until next time, keep pushing forward, Cleaning Nation!
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