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Episode 701

Get Out of Your Own Way and GROW Your Cleaning Company: Episode 701


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Episode 701 – Get Out of Your Own Way and GROW Your Cleaning Company

Today we are going to bring the story of Dejan Bajkovic and how this couple cleaning venture, BG Cleaning, turned into a success story within a couple of years. We’ll also see his journey so far and how he grew himself over time as an entrepreneur in the cleaning business industry.

BG Cleaning – Who They Are

Dejan Bajkovic, along with his would-be spouse Sanella, started their cleaning venture BG Cleaning in West Palm Beach, Florida, in November 2019. They have been through the Grow My Cleaning Company Elite Program. Through their journey so far, the discussions and mentoring helped them quite a lot.

Addressing the Issue

During the early days in BG Cleaning, Dejan was more of a stubborn person. He didn’t listen to anyone and took nobody’s suggestions either. When it came to his business, it was him who used to speak the last word. This attitude hampered his business to a huge extent because such an attitude is a massive turn off for employees. Moreover, his stubbornness came out as a profound barrier in the path of learning.

Besides that, he faced a hard time saying “no” to his clients. No matter what his situations were, he said yes to whatever proposal arrived his way. Sometimes, the jobs appeared to be beyond his capabilities, and he ended up losing sleep and being very stressed.

The Prominent Changes That Worked for the Business

Mike and GMCC’s coaching and podcasts helped Dejan evolve as an entrepreneur, a leader, and a person. He came out as a less stubborn individual and gained a business mindset. Besides that, he learned the virtue of saying “no”. It helped him analyze the nuances of the cleaning business. Being able to negotiate is essential in a business.

Consider the Location

The first thing to keep in mind is to consider the location of the business. In Dejan’s case, location played a pivotal role. Florida is a pretty expensive place. Growing a cleaning business in such a highly wealthy area was a big deal for BG Cleaning. Due to his lack of negotiation skills previously, Dejan had to say yes to quite a lot of things to earn big numbers from highly payable clients. Eventually, he started to say “no”. He formed a work regime for his workers. If a client finds it fair, that’s great. Otherwise, he doesn’t take up the assignment.

Avoid Overcommitting

Dejan understood with time that doing excess work because you have overcommitted is an unhealthy practice. It snatches your peace of mind and sanity. You end up doing extreme hard work that eventually takes a toll on your health. Being able to say no has helped him getting his scheduling right. He also managed to set the appropriate pricing for his services.

Don’t Be a People Pleaser

No matter how hard you try, you cannot please everyone. This is what Dejan realized during these past couple of years. Mike’s coaching made him understand that there will be people who will have a certain kind of opinion about you. You cannot get all worried thinking about what others think of you. If you put the key of your success to someone else’s hand, things start to get messed up.

The Final Take Away

Dejan was an intimidated entrepreneur initially when he started the Clean Profit Elite Program. Now he has changed for good. He has turned into a more confident leader of a successful cleaning business.

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