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Episode 421

Get Out of Cleaning FOREVER! : 421 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 421 – Get Out of Cleaning FOREVER!

If you are like many other owners of cleaning companies, stuck slaving away handling every tiny aspect of your company, wishing that you could have the life that you imagined when you first started your company, then you are in the right place. Mike is here to cover everything from why cleaning yourself will stunt the growth of your company, and how you can fix it.

As always, we are going to start at some foundational beliefs that you will have to move past in order to start taking your company to the next level. Many people believe that hiring employees is more work than just cleaning yourself. While that may be true at first, once you get scalable, repeatable systems in place to bring a steady amount of employees in without having to constantly maintain it, you’ll find that not only is finding and hiring employees easy, but you can also start to take on more clients and really start to grow. This can also start to heavily affect your personal life, as if you ever want to take a vacation or travel your company is effectively shut down. This can make vacations either not plausible, or super stressful if you ever do get to take one. No one starts their company with the intention of having a cleaning job, but rather owning a cleaning company, and you can’t do that if you’re the sole cleaner.

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Another idea that a lot of people have, is that you wouldn’t want to pay an employee for something that you don’t want to do. The reality is that the whole reason you’re paying employees is to handle things that you don’t want to deal with on a day to day basis. What’s more important than your employees seeing you clean, is seeing you lead. Just like on the battlefield, a strong leader leads from the back, not the front. If you’re not looking after the long term vision of the company, no one will. If you teach your employees to make decisions based off of your companies core values, you will start to see them grow as people and being able to handle more and more.

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If you want to really take the leap and start growing your company, then you’ll need to have systems in place so that you don’t have to spend every second away from your company stressed out about it. You should have systems in place even to the point where your employees have a certain protocol on how to deal with situations so that they don’t have to bother you with all the small issues that are in your company. When training a new employee, rather than focusing on training just them, you should be focused on growing your business’ culture, and teaching them what your core values are, and how your company operates, rather than just teaching them how to clean.

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