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Episode 534

Get Out of Cleaning FOREVER: Episode 534: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 534
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Episode 534 – Get Out of Cleaning FOREVER

Cleaning Nation! I hear about this problem so much: you got into this business to be an owner, but you are STILL CLEANING!

This is costing you your life. If you got into this business to be an owner, every second you clean is a second you aren’t building your business. Everything you wanted out of this business is on the other side of you not cleaning.

False Belief: “It’s not that bad” or “I make $40/ hour to clean”.

The ONLY way to know your hourly rate is to divide the net profit amount you make AFTER ALL EXPENSES (including things such as cell phones, gasoline, cleaning supplies, ads, etc) by the TOTAL time you work (this includes things like the time you drove, washing rags, getting prepared, getting insurance for the job, learning how to do the job, etc).

  • I’ve done this math so many times and people are generally making LESS than what they pay their employees. I’ve helped people working 80-90 hours a week, cleaning for what only amounts to a few dollars an hour.
  • It would make more sense and you would make MORE to clean for someone else!
  • RARELY do I see ANYONE making more than $4K/ month (until they rope their spouse in) and to make that you have to work 80 hours/ week!

False Belief: I can’t afford it.

The truth is that you being able to afford hiring has EVERYTHING to do with charging the right amount to your clients and NOTHING to do with how much employees cost. 

  • Your competitors in your town have employees!
  • If you have to raise prices before you hire, then you need to raise prices either way.
  • The only thing worse than making $10/ hour cleaning is making $5/ hour which is the case if you can’t afford to hire!

False Belief: My customers want ME to be there personally.

It may be true as of today, but then we lie to ourselves and say “I can’t hire because my customers want me there.”

Actually, your customers respect you MORE when you are in demand and set the rules. Think of me coaching as an example. YOU would prefer I fly out and personally hold your hand, but I don’t. That makes me MORE attractive then if I personally came out to “help” from my van down by the river.

If your customers want a cleaner and not a cleaning company, you need to upgrade your customers, not downgrade your life!

False Belief: I can’t compete with the “big guys” for hiring.

The reality is, on a lot of levels, they can’t compete with YOU.

  • Your competitors are competing with the big guys.
  • The secret isn’t money or benefits as you think of them.
  • The secret is making them FEEL the way they want to FEEL:
    • A part of something special.
    • Something bigger than themselves.
    • Fulfilled being around people they care about.
  • People will take recognition and feel valued over money EVERY TIME! 
  • Change who your competition is. People PAY to go to school because they want to feel important and smart! You can pay THEM AND make them feel important and smart.

False Belief: Employees will steal and put me out of business.

Without employees, you aren’t IN business, you have a CRAP JOB… literally cleaning CRAP!

  • When you have the right Core Values employees rarely steal.
  • Even if they do steal, it won’t put you out of business, it will actually move your meter almost zero. Fire the employee or the customer, write a small check or have your insurance company write a big check and move on with your life!

The BIG FALSE BELIEF: It’s not fair for me to make all the money with them doing all the work.

Here’s the BIG TRUTH: you will never get out of the field until you KILL this belief forever.

  • Transform your mindset from providing labor to creating transformation!
  • It pays more because it’s WORTH more.
  • Maya Angelou has a great quote that goes something like “People forget what you say (and what you DO), but they remember (and will pay anything) based on how you make them FEEL”  The parenthesis are mine 😉

Once you hire, you can typically replace your income in a couple of months and make the same money FOREVER without cleaning again!

  • You can take that spare time to live your life or grow your company.
  • You have something you can sell.
  • You have TIME to do as you please, build something different.
  • This skill will last your lifetime!

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