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Episode 326

Get More Cleaning Contracts with Direct Mail Made Easy: Episode 326: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 326 – Get More Cleaning Contracts with Direct Mail Made Easy

Today we are talking with Joshua Latimer from the Quick Talk Podcast!

Josh started his window cleaning company with a dream and a hustle mentality. He was able to scale his cleaning company to over 100,000 dollars per month by automating his process of generating new customers.

His initial marketing strategy used direct mailers. He would hand deliver 10,000-20,000 postcards per day. During this campaign, he received a 1% response rate. His success came when he discovered the marketing secret that created a 5x response rate on his direct mailers.

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Joshua initially started placing a picture of the prospect’s home on the sales literature. He immediately noticed a remarkable increase in the amount of contracts being closed. Josh decided to create the same personalization on his direct mailers. He printed a picture of each home on a direct mailer postcard and then hand delivered it to the home. His hyper personalized cards started having impact and it 5x his response rate.

Since printing each of the homes on a direct mailer postcard took time, energy and money he decided to automate the system. He created SendJim, a software that would print the homes on each direct mailer, as well as neighbors’ homes. All the user has to do is upload a picture using the software’s app. He was able to automate his lead generation and create a level that allowed him to choose when he was ready for new customers.

Josh believes marketing strategies that don’t work are campaigns dabbling on the surface. To have successful marketing campaigns, you have to dive deeply and become an expert. This doesn’t require blazing your own trail but replicating what the companies you aspire to be are doing.

Focus on these three factors:




Use marketing strategies that you know are effective, and then continuously test until you find what works. This will become your lever and will allow you to scale your cleaning company to whatever size you would like.

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