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Episode 018

Get Commercial Cleaning Contracts: Episode 018: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 018 – Get Commercial Cleaning Contracts

How do you get commercial cleaning contracts? So glad you asked.
Today’s podcast is an in depth explanation on how to get commercial cleaning contracts. Mike covers the simple steps to stop the “Hide and Seek” game we all know and hate.

Tired of hearing “Thanks, I’ll think it over” or “I have to get 12 other estimates before John (AKA guy you never get to meet) can make a decision, so we will be in touch”?

In today’s episode we talk about how to set your cleaning company up with your prospect the right way with less stress for you and your prospective customer.

Discover how to position yourself as a resource and authority and not a salesman and drastically change your closing ratio.

Calling a prospect for the first time is enough to make anyone’s palms sweaty, but Mike breaks it down into easy to follow steps that can help you to get commercial cleaning contracts now!

This includes key points like:

The biggest mistake people make on a sales call
What your customer really cares about
Why asking questions and listening can change your life
Setting up the Ground Rules
Qualifying and Disqualifying Prospective Customers
Ask questions and LISTEN.

Sounds simple enough, but does it really benefit you? Short answer, yes. Long answer, YES! Now, you’re probably saying to yourself “Now hold your horses bucko….then how will my prospective customer know how awesome we are if I don’t control the conversation??” So glad you asked…

Mike goes into depth about the secret psychology behind how to know what your customer wants before you even get to their office.

Ever wish you could know what your prospect’s objections will be ahead of time? Sure, we all do, in this episode Mike gives you the tools to get those questions answered before hand so you are ready to break through that “I’ll get back to you about it” door.

We cover:

What questions to ask them before, during and after you go out on a bid
How to position yourself
How to set up closing the deal before you even leave
Finally Mike talks about ground rules and how they set the tone for your entire relationship with your prospective customer. Ground Rules could be the most important tool you have to get commercial cleaning contracts. So stop reading this already and go listen in!

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