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Episode 479

Get Cleaning Jobs with Facebook: Episode 479: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 479 – Get Cleaning Jobs with Facebook

Today we introduce our Facebook guy, Jered.  Jered has been running Facebook ads for about seven years.  He got picked up by an agency and that agency then became one of the fastest growing agencies. He’s currently the Director of that agency, and he has helped create millions of dollars in ads, and as a result has helped a lot of businesses generate a lot of income for their companies. GMCC is lucky to have him as part of the team, helping its members grow their own businesses. 

Facebook is ‘Interrupt’ style marketing

Jered explains that one of the biggest mistakes that’s made is that cleaning company owners think they just have to post an ad and that will immediately attract new clients.  The reality is that Facebook is an interruptive style of marketing – people are on Facebook to see their friends, or see what’s going on around them, and ads kind of interrupt that. It’s like telemarketing. Facebook advertising has to be done in such a way that it gets the attention of people who weren’t actually on Facebook looking for anything to buy.  Ads have to know the pain, and the person, in order to effectively draw them in your direction. Facebook ads work to win over people who aren’t looking for your service.

Know your market

A common mistake with people who do their own Facebooks ads is that they are promoting their  ad just like a billboard, and they don’t get the best results from that. Facebook has so much more power than that.  If you word your ad specifically to a type of person or group of people, and talk about how they will FEEL after getting your service, this is where Facebook advertising can really become powerful.  

Make sure your website is ready

You need to make sure you have a website that can convert all of the traffic that is directed to your website from your Facebook ads.  If your website is just a billboard of your services, with a simple ‘Call Now’ option, you’re not going to be able to convert that traffic into solid leads for your company.  You want to start building your list.  

Finding you clients

Facebook gets data on people by following you on your entire internet journey.  A lot of websites have a pixel on their website that sends data back to Facebook.  So if you’re online searching for something, that information is sent back to Facebook about what you are searching for.  It works the same way with your business. If four people click on your ad because they are searching for a service that you offer, now those four people are people that Facebook recognizes as the type of people you are marketing to.  Not only will you be able to continue marketing to those four people, Facebook will also build on those four by finding other people similar to them. SO this is something that is built over time and becomes more and more effective over time.  

Stick with it for the long haul

With Facebook advertising, you have to change your focus from reaching your goal as fast as possible, to creating a valuable tool you will have in time.  Facebook advertising grows and becomes a really instrumental part of your marketing tool box with every person who clicks on your ad. Mike explains it as the difference between walking up to a complete stranger and saying, ‘Hi, will you marry me?’, to ‘Hi, I’m Mike.’.  There needs to be some sort of engagement that takes place over time before you get to that end result you want. You also need to stay consistent and stick with it, otherwise if you give up and say ‘this isn’t working for me now and is a waste of my money’, you lose all of that valuable data that Facebook has been building up for you.

Create your target audience

Jered says that unfortunately, you can’t tell Facebook to only show your ad to owners of Cleaning Companies.   So how you start is to select certain titles of people on Facebook, in certain zip codes. You slowly then start to build up a list of your target audience.  It’s like throwing out a net and bringing back what you want. You then take those people that you want out of the net and give them back to Facebook tell it to bring you more of THAT.  This is where Facebook really excels. It’s then that you start so see your cost per click drop, and your click-through rate go up. 

Final Tips

Jered has found that with Commercial, people really like to click on ads that offer either a free clean, or appeal to a pain that isn’t being met by their current cleaning company. Ads that let businesses know it would be really easy to switch from their current cleaning company to you, and in doing so they’ll get all of these needs met that weren’t being met before.  With Residential, Jared says that story-telling ads work really well. Say who you are, why you do it, and why you take pride in the service that you offer. These types of ads that really speak from the heart do the best.

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