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Episode 386

Get ALL the Employees You Need Without Paying TOO Much : 386 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 386 – Get ALL the Employees You Need Without Paying TOO Much

Today Mike and Nathalie are talking about a very frequently asked question- how to set up a system to get all the employees you could want effectively and without overpaying.

A lot of people think that employees are a necessary evil that makes their lives miserable when in reality they can be a vital and great part of your business. If you’re like most people, you’ll want to have employees that will be able to hold the company down, even when you’re not around. You’ll want to have set times for work, family, friends, etc. and not want to have to be in a constant state of worry that your employees aren’t showing up/doing a good job/etc. Well we are going to dive right into, but first let’s go through some of the beliefs that can hold you back from not only having an influx of employees, but an influx of good, like-minded employees.

  • I can’t afford to hire good employees:
    • Well if you can’t afford to hire good employees, then you have a bidding/billing issue on your hands. You should make enough money to pay your employees a nice wage, but nothing unreasonable. You don’t need to over-pay employees just to get good ones. You’ll want to make a strong community and make employees really feel like they are a part of something special. We’ll get more into this in a bit.
  • There are no good employees that want to work in my town/city:
    • Mike has heard this countless times, and yet time and time again through the people he has helped in the Clean Profit Method people have been able to find good employees. A good question to level yourself is do you have any competition? Do they have employees? Chances are it’s not a matter of people not wanting to work but rather people not wanting to work in the environment that you’ve set up.
  • I can’t hire because I don’t have enough customers:
    • The reality is that you should have an employee funnel in place so that you have more employees that you can handle. There’s no problem with having a list of people that you can call if you find yourself with either more customers that you can handle/losing staff unexpectedly. What’s nice about this is that if you’ve got your employee funnel set up well, the “backup” list of potential employees should have some really great people that are a good fit with your core values and company in general
  • Hiring Employees is a hard, strenuous process:
    • If you’ve got a good funnel, and have a backlist of good, qualified employees, it’s much harder to find good employees when you are super stressed out and two employees just quit on you. Having a good funnel in place can save you lots of headache later on.
  • My Employees will never clean as good/better than me:
    • We’ve got good and bad news. The bad news is; you’re not the best cleaner in the world. The good news is; that’s not what your clients are looking for. Your customers will be looking a lot more at if you can deliver good, consistent cleanings. You will never do as good of work as 10 people. Being able to replicate good cleaning is much more important.

Having all of these ideas down is half the battle. The other half is, obviously, creating the system. The System Mike uses goes like this: Hiring Ad -> Follow up Thank you Sequence -> Automated Follow up -> Group Interview -> One on One Interview -> working Interview. It’s important to make sure that your core values show through in every part of this process. Remember, you want your system to attract good employees, not just anyone.

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