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Episode 994

From Struggling to Thriving: A Single Mom's Journey in the Cleaning Business: Episode 994


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Episode 994 – From Struggling to Thriving: A Single Mom's Journey in the Cleaning Business


In this podcast episode, Mike Campion interviews Maria Gonzalez, a single mom and owner of a commercial cleaning company in California. Maria shares her inspiring journey from a point of frustration and contemplation of quitting her business to finding a clear path to success. She credits her transformation to attending a live event and gaining valuable insights from Mike and his team. In this blog post, we will summarize the key takeaways from the podcast and highlight Maria’s journey of growth, the power of clarity in business decisions, and the importance of core values in hiring and customer relationships.

The Breaking Point:

Three months before attending the live event, Maria was on the verge of giving up on her cleaning business. She felt overwhelmed, stressed, and couldn’t see her profits. As a single mom, she started her business to provide for her children and have the flexibility to be there for them. However, the lack of progress was pushing her towards seeking employment elsewhere.

The Transformation: The Live Event:

At the live event, Maria met Mike Campion, and her perspective on her business took a 180-degree turn. Mike identified Maria’s potential and saw her as an amazing human being. He realized the struggles she faced and believed that her story could inspire others in similar situations.

The Power of Clarity:

One of the most significant transformations for Maria was gaining clarity about her business. She learned to look beyond the top-line revenue and understand her numbers on a deeper level. By breaking down her revenue and expenses, she realized that some clients were not profitable, and others were costing her money. Armed with this clarity, she made strategic decisions to increase prices for some clients and let go of those who didn’t align with her business goals. Although she lost a few clients, her gross profit went up significantly, making her business more profitable with less work.

Core Values in Hiring:

Maria’s second major takeaway was understanding the importance of core values in hiring. Previously, she hired employees based on availability, leading to inconsistencies and unreliability. Now, she has identified her top three core values: putting others first, working hard, and telling the truth. By hiring individuals who share these values, Maria created a strong team environment, reduced stress, and improved the overall work atmosphere.

The Power of Support and Community:

Maria expressed gratitude for the support and community she found in Mike Campion’s program. The guidance from the team and fellow participants encouraged her to push forward, and the shared experiences allowed her to learn and grow from others in similar situations.


Maria Gonzalez’s journey is a testament to the power of gaining clarity and understanding the numbers in a business. By identifying her ideal clients and hiring based on core values, she transformed her struggling cleaning business into a thriving enterprise. Her story serves as an inspiration for other entrepreneurs facing challenges, reminding them that with the right guidance and support, success is within reach. So, don’t hesitate to seek help, gain clarity, and surround yourself with a community that can uplift and inspire you on your entrepreneurial journey.
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