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Episode 954

From Stress to Success: How to be Happy with Your Cleaning Company: Episode 954


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Episode 954 – From Stress to Success: How to be Happy with Your Cleaning Company

In this episode, Mike and Lindsay, discuss the importance of being happy with your cleaning company and how to achieve it. Mike often works with clients who want to increase revenue, reduce working hours, and make more profit. However, he believes that achieving these goals is not worth it if you end up hating your life, your business, and yourself. Therefore, he introduces the concept of “put it with the pile.” This is where your income exceeds your needs and lifestyle, and any additional income can be put with the pile of money you already have.

He explains that as your income grows, you can start to afford things that you couldn’t before, such as a new car or a bigger house. But there comes a point where you have everything you need and want, and any additional income won’t make a difference. This is where you can relax and start enjoying your success. You don’t need to keep striving for more money and more things. Instead, you can focus on being happy with your cleaning company.

To achieve this, it’s essential to be truthful with your team, even if you’re not in the “put it with the pile” category and things in your company are tight. Lying about the state of your business will only lead to more lies and ultimately break trust. However, you don’t need to share every little detail. By being truthful about the overall state of your business, you can encourage your team to come up with ideas to improve it and work towards success. It’s also crucial to have the right people on your team. If someone quits after hearing the truth, then they were not the right fit for your company in the first place.

Core values are also essential in building trust with your team. Being real is a core value that has helped Mike build trust with the GMCC team. Mike and Lindsay conclude that everyone has the authority and ability to decide how they experience their business. Focusing solely on material possessions won’t necessarily make you successful. Instead, focus on how you want to feel and work towards that feeling. In summary, being happy with your cleaning company involves having enough income and being truthful with your team, focusing on core values, and prioritizing your happiness over material possessions.

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