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Episode 1043

From Spilled Wine to Cherished Moments: A Thanksgiving Tale with the Campions!: Episode 1043


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Episode 1043 – From Spilled Wine to Cherished Moments: A Thanksgiving Tale with the Campions!


In this special Thanksgiving episode, Mike Campion shares his excitement about having his favorite guest of all time on the show—his beloved wife, Nathalie Campion. Mike reflects on the tradition of Thanksgiving episodes, recalling past years of celebrating with gratitude.

The Importance of Thanksgiving:

Mike emphasizes the significance of taking a moment to celebrate wins and express gratitude in the life of an entrepreneur. He explores the concept of constantly moving forward without pausing to appreciate achievements, drawing parallels to biblical teachings on thankfulness.

A Personal Story of Regret and Perspective:

Nathalie shares a poignant story about her father’s final words on his deathbed. His regret was not working harder but having more time with his family. This narrative prompts reflection on the fleeting nature of time and the importance of cherishing every moment, no matter how challenging.

Lessons from an Elder's Perspective:

Mike recalls a conversation with an older individual, Ben, who cherished past moments as if they were yesterday. This perspective serves as a valuable lesson in appreciating the present instead of constantly yearning for the next big achievement.

Finding Joy in Simple Moments:

The couple reminisces about early years of marriage, emphasizing that happiness isn’t solely linked to business success. Simple moments, like Wednesday night potlucks with friends, hold a special place in their hearts, demonstrating that true joy can be found in everyday experiences.

Appreciating the Present and Overcoming Challenges:

Mike shares a recent incident involving spilled wine and a chaotic evening. Despite the frustration, he encourages listeners to shift their focus from life’s challenges to the blessings that surround them. Gratitude, he suggests, can transform even the most mundane situations.

Expressing Gratitude to the Cleaning Nation:

Nathalie expresses gratitude for the privilege of serving the Cleaning Nation community, praising its hardworking and golden-hearted members. Mike adds his appreciation for both clients and team members, emphasizing the joy derived from connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Closing Thoughts and Call to Action:

In the closing remarks, Mike urges listeners to embrace gratitude, even in the face of challenges. He invites them to share their thankful moments or seek support if needed. The episode concludes with a heartfelt exchange between Mike and Nathalie, encapsulating the essence of Thanksgiving.
This Thanksgiving, the Campions remind us to be thankful for the simple, often overlooked blessings that make life truly fulfilling.
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