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Episode 967

From Solo Cleaner to Fearless Entrepreneur: Episode 967


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Episode 967 – From Solo Cleaner to Fearless Entrepreneur


In this post, we will dive into the inspiring story of Ellen, a young entrepreneur who transformed her solo cleaning business into a thriving company. Ellen’s journey demonstrates that age is not a barrier to success and that with the right mindset and support, anyone can achieve their business goals. Let’s explore how Ellen’s decision to seek guidance and implement changes propelled her towards growth and a brighter future.

Meeting Ellen:

Suzanne introduces Ellen, a remarkable individual who recently completed the Clean Profit Elite program. Suzanne expresses her admiration for Ellen’s progress and highlights the excitement surrounding her growth over the past eight to nine weeks. Ellen’s determination and eagerness to expand her business provide a solid foundation for her success.

Taking the Leap:

Ellen, a resident of Burnsville, Minnesota, decided to reach out to Grow My Cleaning Company after contemplating a change in her business. As a solo cleaner, Ellen realized that remaining in the same position would hinder her from achieving her dreams. She sought to transform her company into a flourishing enterprise, creating job opportunities and expanding her impact. Despite initial hesitations, Ellen recognized that waiting for the “perfect” moment would only delay her progress.

Transition from Podcast Listener to Program Participant:

Initially, Ellen listened to the Grow My Cleaning Company podcast for inspiration but struggled to take action due to feelings of intimidation. She believed she needed to fix herself and her business before seeking assistance. However, during the nine-week program, she discovered that these self-imposed limitations were holding her back. With the support and guidance provided by the program, Ellen was able to accomplish tasks she had previously put off, gaining confidence and motivation to pursue her goals.

Celebrating Successes:

During her time in the program, Ellen achieved several significant milestones. She successfully raised her rates, a task that initially made her nervous. With newfound confidence, she learned to have more meaningful conversations with both current and prospective clients. By understanding their pain points, Ellen discovered effective ways to provide valuable cleaning services. Furthermore, Ellen’s mindset shifted as she recognized the positive impact her business had on her clients’ lives.

Breaking Out of the Comfort Zone:

Ellen reflects on her comfort zone and how it hindered her progress. Initially, she felt comfortable with her business’s current state, neglecting essential aspects like registration and understanding her financial numbers. However, her desire to achieve future goals pushed her to step out of her comfort zone. With increased confidence and knowledge gained from the program, Ellen began to view her business from a new perspective.

Transforming Fear into Excitement:

One of the most significant shifts for Ellen was overcoming her fear of hiring additional cleaners. At the start of the program, she had concerns about training, delegating tasks, and how clients would respond to new team members. However, as her confidence grew, Ellen realized that hiring employees would allow her to focus on working on the business instead of in it. She became excited about the prospect of creating a positive work environment and providing better opportunities for her team.

Embracing the Vision:

Ellen now envisions a future where she is no longer involved in the day-to-day cleaning tasks. She plans to hire exceptional individuals who align with her core values and gradually transition out of the cleaning role. Ellen’s success plan includes increased profitability, establishing systems to ensure the business can run smoothly without her, and eventually enjoying more free time for personal pursuits such as traveling to national parks and exploring new destinations.


Ellen’s journey from a solo cleaner to a successful business owner exemplifies the transformative power of seeking guidance and embracing change. Her story serves as an inspiration to individuals of all ages
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