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Episode 1129

From Mindset Shifts to Niche Mastery: Lessons from the Next Level Event: Episode 1129


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Episode 1129 – From Mindset Shifts to Niche Mastery: Lessons from the Next Level Event

Welcome to the Next Level

While at the Next Level event, Lindsay recorded a special mini podcastwith Claire Montgomery. Claire has been with us for almost a year, and she’s a rock star! We often argue about which award to give her because she excels in so many areas. Today, we’re diving into her powerful mindset shift.

Finding the Proof

Claire shared her biggest takeaway from the event: “looking for the proof.” Inspired by Brene Brown, she explained that if you look for proof you don’t belong, you’ll always find it. But if you look for proof you do belong, you’ll find that too. Claire’s mindset work has been about realizing her worth and setting higher goals for her business and life. It’s a reminder that we all belong and should reflect on our achievements more often.

Owning Your Success

Claire discussed how people often wait for a big milestone to feel like they’ve “made it.” However, success is about recognizing your worth and the steps you’ve already taken. She emphasized that everyone at the event belongs because they haven’t given up on themselves. This realization helped her break mental barriers and aim higher in her business.

Niche Focus: Diana’s Story

Next, we heard from Diana Camacho, who has been with us for almost two years. Diana’s journey to success involved narrowing down her niche. Initially, she took any client she could find but later focused on private schools. With the help of coaching, she realized these clients had higher profit margins and were easier to manage. By gradually raising prices and asking for referrals, her business grew sustainably.

The Power of Referrals and Personal Connections

Diana’s business growth came mainly from referrals. Her employees are well-trained and part of the school community, which keeps turnover low and satisfaction high. She visits her clients regularly, fostering strong relationships that naturally lead to more referrals. This approach, combined with a clear focus on her niche, has made her business thrive.

Conclusion: Mindset and Strategy

Both Claire and Diana highlight the importance of mindset in achieving success. Claire’s focus on finding proof of belonging has been transformative, while Diana’s strategic niche focus and relationship-building have propelled her business. These stories remind us that success comes from believing in ourselves, setting clear goals, and nurturing our professional relationships.

That’s it for today, Cleaning Nation. Remember, you belong, and you can achieve great things by focusing on the proof of your worth and taking strategic steps forward. See you next time!

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