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Episode 924

From Fear to Empowerment: A Business Owner's Success Story, Episode 924


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ep 924
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Episode 924 –From Fear to Empowerment: A Business Owner's Success Story

Tammy, a business owner, recently had to overcome a fear of raising prices with many long-standing clients after discovering she was not pricing her services correctly. This was a difficult decision, as many of her clients were elderly and she was worried about losing them, which could result in having to let go of her staff. However, she was determined to change things and move forward rather than continue to go around the same mountain year after year.

Upon better understanding her finances, Tammy felt empowered and realized that not knowing how to price her services correctly had been holding her back. She was using outdated methods of tracking her finances, and the knowledge of how to use QuickBooks and spreadsheets helped her to make informed decisions and move forward. Although it took time to understand the numbers, it became easier once she started to figure things out, and now she finds it amazing.

Overall, Tammy’s experience shows the importance of understanding and tracking the financial aspects of a business to make informed decisions, even if it means making difficult choices such as raising prices. It also demonstrates the benefits of embracing technologies or modern ways of working, and not being afraid to learn something new.

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