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Episode 1075

From Colonel to Cleaning Entrepreneur: Vernetta's Fearless Journey: Episode 1075


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Episode 1075 – From Colonel to Cleaning Entrepreneur: Vernetta's Fearless Journey


In this episode, Mike Campion hosts a captivating conversation with Vernetta Kpenkaan, the dynamic force behind Two Maids Rochester Hills. As a military veteran turned entrepreneur, Vernetta’s story unfolds in the midst of the COVID pandemic, adding a unique layer to her journey. Let’s explore the challenges she faced, the choices she made, and the lessons she learned on her path to business ownership.

Military Background and Entrepreneurial Aspirations:

Vernetta, a retired full-bird colonel with an impressive 34.5 years in the military, decided to transition into entrepreneurship. Her desire to be an entrepreneur had been a lifelong dream, and leaving the military presented the perfect opportunity to pursue it. Mike, acknowledging the significance of her military background, delves into the complexities of transitioning from a highly structured, system-oriented environment to the unpredictable world of entrepreneurship.

Choosing Entrepreneurship Over a One-Star Generalship:

As Vernetta recounts her decision-making process, she shares the internal struggle of choosing entrepreneurship over the tempting offer of becoming a one-star general. The allure of a prestigious military position clashed with her entrepreneurial dreams, leading her to opt for the uncharted path of business ownership. Mike explores the dichotomy between the military mindset and the entrepreneurial spirit, highlighting the challenges Vernetta faced in making this life-altering decision.

Transitioning from Military to Civilian Leadership:

The conversation turns to the stark differences between military and civilian leadership. Vernetta reflects on the systemic nature of military operations, where protocols and systems guide every action. In contrast, civilian life, especially as a business owner, presented unforeseen challenges due to the lack of a predefined system. Mike and Vernetta share insights into the difficulties of navigating this transition, touching upon the unique dynamics of military communication versus civilian interaction.

Bold Moves Amidst the Pandemic:

Opening her cleaning business during the COVID pandemic showcased Vernetta’s fearless approach. Rather than succumbing to the uncertainty, she strategically seized the opportunity to fulfill a vital need for sanitized homes. Mike applauds her proactive mindset, emphasizing the importance of such bold moves in a competitive business landscape.

The Turning Point: Seeking Solutions

Realizing that something crucial was missing, Vernetta embarked on a journey of self-awareness. She recognized the need for systems and processes to make her business thrive. However, the path to success wasn’t immediate. It required a shift in mindset and a commitment to finding the missing pieces.

The Search for Growth

Vernetta’s quest for growth led her to an essential realization – she needed guidance. In a moment of self-awareness, she admitted that being a business owner in name only wasn’t enough; true ownership required a strategic approach. Fueled by this understanding, she turned to the internet for answers, ultimately discovering Mike Campion and his expertise.

Taking Action and Embracing Change

Vernetta’s journey didn’t end with information alone. She took decisive steps to implement a plan for her business growth. The key was breaking down the overwhelming tasks into manageable steps. By prioritizing and creating a systematic approach, she began to see progress.


Mike Campion’s engaging dialogue with Vernetta Kpenkaan unveils a remarkable journey of transformation. Transitioning from a distinguished military career to entrepreneurship, Vernetta faced the profound choice of business ownership over a coveted military position. The pandemic served as a backdrop for her fearless foray into entrepreneurship, seizing opportunities amidst uncertainty. Recognizing the need for strategic thinking, she sought guidance from Mike Campion, embarking on a transformative path. Vernetta’s story encapsulates the essence of embracing change, taking decisive action, and turning challenges into stepping stones for success in the dynamic realm of business ownership.
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