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Episode 996

From Cleaning Laborers to Cleaning Business OWNERS: Episode 996


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Episode 996 – From Cleaning Laborers to Cleaning Business OWNERS


In today’s blog post, we have the pleasure of sharing the inspiring journey of Joel and Jessica Smith, a powerhouse couple running their residential cleaning business in Dillon, Montana. They recently appeared on a podcast hosted by Suzanne, a mindset coach from Grow My Cleaning Company, where they candidly discussed the challenges they faced, the mindset shifts they experienced, and the growth they achieved in their business.

Starting with a Purpose

Jessica began by explaining that when they first embarked on their cleaning business, she realized that she wasn’t just looking for a job; she wanted to be a business owner. The mindset shift from being an hourly laborer to being a proud business owner was pivotal for her. Beyond just earning money, the broader purpose became creating a better life for her family and having the flexibility to be present with their young children.

Embracing Growth and Uncertainty

Joel, viewing the business as a needed secondary income, saw the potential for financial liberty and security through the venture. He pointed out that transitioning from being just an employee to owning a business requires humility and faith, as they were new to the industry and had much to learn. Their experience with Grow My Cleaning Company showed them the importance of seeking advice from experts, even when they couldn’t see the immediate results.

The Value of Services and Overcoming Fear

Both Joel and Jessica emphasized the importance of realizing the value they offered as a cleaning service. This mindset shift allowed them to confidently raise their prices to reflect the quality of their work and attract clients who appreciated their services.

Jessica admitted that the initial price increases were scary, but their faith in the coaching program and the support they received from Suzanne and Mike were crucial. With a focus on accountability and encouragement, they pushed through the fear and started to see positive results.

Success Through Mindset Shifts

The Smiths highlighted the significance of mindset shifts throughout their journey. Jessica found joy in the opportunity to lead and mentor employees, while Joel stressed the importance of having faith, even when facing uncertainties. Both acknowledged that surrounding themselves with positive influences and seeking encouragement from mentors like Suzanne and Mike was instrumental in maintaining a growth-oriented mindset.

A Client Success Story

Jessica recounted a recent success story where she confidently presented a bid to potential clients following the guidance from Grow My Cleaning Company. The result was a delighted client who immediately signed up for their services. This victory, combined with their mentorship and encouragement, further cemented their belief in the program’s efficacy.

Conclusion: A Journey of Growth and Triumph

The podcast featuring Joel and Jessica Smith offers an inspiring account of a couple’s transformation from hourly laborers to successful business owners. Through mindset shifts, faith, and unwavering support from a coaching program, they have managed to grow their cleaning business exponentially.

The lessons learned from their experiences include the importance of valuing one’s services, confidently raising prices, embracing uncertainty with faith, and seeking encouragement and mentorship to maintain a positive mindset throughout the journey.

For aspiring entrepreneurs or business owners looking to take their venture to the next level, Joel and Jessica’s story serves as a shining example of the power of determination, mentorship, and a growth-oriented mindset. Remember, success is not just about the end result but the willingness to take that first step and continue moving forward, one foot in front of the other. So, dream big, embrace challenges, and grow your cleaning business to new heights!

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