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Episode 1114

From Cleaner to Owner: Transforming Your Cleaning Business Mindset: Episode 1114


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Episode 1114 – From Cleaner to Owner: Transforming Your Cleaning Business Mindset

Introduction: Embracing the Owner Mentality

Welcome back, Cleaning Nation! In this episode, Mike Campion is joined by Suzanne Bandick, our results coach, to delve into a topic that’s crucial for every cleaning business owner: the difference between thinking like an owner versus thinking like an employee. Suzanne brings her invaluable frontline experience to the table, shedding light on the fears and excitements of our clients. Together, Mike and Suzanne explore various aspects of this mindset shift, offering insights applicable to both commercial and residential cleaning businesses.

Bidding Strategies: From Small Business to Scalability

When it comes to bidding, Mike emphasizes the importance of considering the size of your company and the opportunities at hand. In commercial cleaning, it’s expected that bids are done in person, with the owner’s presence being crucial for building trust and understanding client needs. However, in residential cleaning, there’s often debate about in-person versus online bids. Mike advocates for the personal touch, highlighting the quality and trust it builds with clients. He stresses the scalability of the owner mindset, where the focus shifts from individual tasks to orchestrating a team of experts.

Client Interactions: Confidence in Your Expertise

Suzanne highlights the challenge of maintaining confidence during client interactions, especially when faced with demands or objections. She contrasts the “puppy dog” approach of trying to please clients with the authoritative stance of an expert. Mike adds nuance to this discussion, distinguishing between small business owner energy driven by fear and scalable business owner energy fueled by confidence and vision. Both emphasize the importance of conveying trust in your team’s capabilities to instill confidence in clients.

Empowering Your Team: Shifting from "I" to "They"

The conversation shifts to the dynamics between owners and employees, emphasizing the need for owners to relinquish the urge to micromanage and instead focus on empowering their team. Suzanne challenges the notion that employees need to see owners working alongside them, emphasizing the importance of demonstrating leadership and vision. Mike echoes this sentiment, encouraging owners to create a culture where team members feel valued and supported in their roles.

Visionary Leadership: Thinking Ahead

As the episode concludes, Mike and Suzanne stress the importance of visionary thinking for business growth. Whether you’re just starting out or aiming for million-dollar success, it’s essential to envision where you want to be and align your actions accordingly. By adopting the mindset of a successful business owner, you can cultivate confidence, empower your team, and steer your cleaning business toward greater success.

Conclusion: Take the First Step

Transforming your cleaning business mindset begins with a shift in perspective. Instead of working harder, start thinking differently. Embrace the role of the owner, envision your business’s future, and take proactive steps to make that vision a reality. Reach out to Mike and the team for guidance and support on your journey to entrepreneurial success. Together, we can help you unlock your full potential and build the thriving cleaning business you envision.
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