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Episode 682

From Being Scared to $55k/Month in Profit: Episode 682


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Episode 682 – From Being Scared to $55k/Month in Profit

Today our guest is Lou Gigliotti, one of our Enrollment Coaches, and we also have Danielle Vest, one of our Elite Alumni. This is the first episode that we have had one of our Enrollment Coaches with one of our members or alumni.

We get hundreds of calls per month from cleaning business owners that need our help. People who need clarity where they’re at and why they’re stuck. We will take a dozen or so clients that we think that we can personally be a part of that solution or help them get where they want to go. Danielle was one of those folks!

We are so excited to hear Coach Lou’s perspective and Danielle’s perspective. We are going to try and jam in two stories in one podcast. The story of Danielle’s call, because that’s when Lou comes in. There’s fear and lack of clarity. How people show up on those calls can make a difference as to how well they do. Lou knows much about what Danielle’s journey was when she was actually in our program, how her life has gotten different.

Lou's Perspective on Danielle’s Breakthrough Call

Lou remembers one of the keywords that Danielle said: scared. Lou hears that from a lot of people when they’re coming into our program. Danielle opened up with Lou about what she needed in her business. Also Danielle had had bad mentors before and that caused her to be afraid to trust somebody.

Why Danielle Applied for the Breakthrough Call

Danielle cried a lot because her cleaning business was negative about $26,000 a month and even her friends were worried about her situation. Then she saw Grow My Cleaning Company on Facebook Danielle didn’t hesitate to go ahead and take the Breakthrough Call with Lou. 

What Danielle Learned in the Nine Week Elite Program

Danielle learned a system that she needed for a very long time. Every step in the modules helped her to grow. She now knows how to manage her employees in each location and totally make a big difference in her cleaning company. In fact, as of right now, her company has profited over $55,000 in the past month.. Before Danielle had no marketing strategy but now she is utilizing different marketing tools.

Mike's Takeaway

  1. Own your results – when you get coaching and it sucks, you could think “That guy was a scam. He was the worst ” or you could think, “What did I learn? What could have I done to make that experience better? Picking a different coach? Showing up differently?
  2. Even when things seem like maybe it’s not a good time, like faith and commitment, you need to get going to do what you need to do: whether it’s getting coaching even after you’ve gotten burned or investing money. You need to do what you need to do even if it feels scary.
  3. Be coachable. Lots of people go through the training and do some or not all of it.

Danielle’s Takeaway

Danielle’s profit is significantly higher because of the programs that she’s learned from Grow My Cleaning Company. She feels that she wouldn’t even be close to where she’s at now if she didn’t take the coaching. She says she probably wouldn’t be in business these days and would have failed.

Lou's Takeaway

Lou remembers the first time he talked to Danielle and there was a scared woman that was saying, “I’m losing money. I don’t know how I’m gonna do this. I don’t know how I’m gonna pay for this”. I can remember that conversation. Lou was remembering all the people he brought on board and she was the first one he called to come on the podcast. Danielle immediately said she’d do it. Lou loves what he does because this is what happens: he gets to talk to them when they’re scared, turns them over to the GMCC team and then he can’t wait to see their success. He’s so happy for Danielle!

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