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Episode 1052

From a Boring 9-to-5 to Going ALL IN with Her Cleaning Company: Brittany’s Story: Episode 1052


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Episode 1052 – From a Boring 9-to-5 to Going ALL IN with Her Cleaning Company: Brittany’s Story

Mike Campion, the dynamic host of the cleaning industry-focused podcast, recently sat down with Brittany Cherrell, the accomplished owner of Britney’s House Cleaning, for an insightful discussion on her journey in the cleaning business. In this engaging podcast episode, Brittany shares her experiences, challenges, and triumphs, offering valuable insights for fellow cleaning company owners.

Brittany's Cleaning Adventure Begins

In the opening segment, Mike introduces Brittany, an Elite member and an amazing individual who has successfully owned Britney’s House Cleaning for two years. Mike emphasizes Brittany’s unique ability to bring positivity and energy to the cleaning community. Brittany shares her initial foray into the cleaning business, revealing that she started as a weekend cleaner while working a typical nine-to-five office job.

Taking the Leap of Faith

Brittany’s journey took an unexpected turn when her part-time cleaning gig quickly transformed into a full-blown business. With a natural inclination for cleaning and a likable personality, Brittany faced the choice of either sticking to her nine-to-five job or taking a leap of faith to pursue her newfound passion. Ultimately, she embraced the challenge, quit her office job, and devoted herself fully to growing Britney’s House Cleaning.

Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Growth

As the conversation unfolds, Mike delves into the challenges Brittany encountered on her path to success. Brittany candidly discusses the hurdles she faced in pricing services, scheduling clients, and the initial struggle of being a solo cleaner. She emphasizes the pivotal moment when she realized the need to delegate tasks and seek resources to scale her business. Brittany shares how she navigated the learning curve, highlighting the importance of understanding pricing, scheduling, and the significance of building a reliable team.

The Turning Point: Joining the Program

Mike explores Brittany’s decision to join the Clean Profit Elite program aimed at transforming cleaning businesses. Brittany admits to initial reservations about hiring and pricing but expresses gratitude for the guidance received. She credits the program for providing a clear roadmap and instilling confidence in her decision-making. Overcoming the fear of price increases, Brittany now focuses on profitability and client satisfaction, shifting from a mindset of overcharging to ensuring quality service.

Life Beyond Cleaning: A New Chapter

In the final segment, Brittany reflects on the positive transformations in her life and business. She highlights the newfound freedom to control her schedule, the absence of physical labor, and the joy of having a team to handle day-to-day operations. Brittany emphasizes the shift from feeling like the business was running her to being in charge and steering it toward growth. With a more profitable and efficient business model, Brittany shares how her life is now less hectic, allowing her to focus on strategic business decisions.
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