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Episode 260

Fixing Your Cashflow: Episode 260: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 260 – Fixing Your Cleaning Company Cash Flow Problems

Where Can You Get More Cash Flow and Residual Cleaning Business?
Today we’re talking with Bobby Kennerson!

Bobby was in an interesting place. He was doing commercial cleaning, power washing, construction clean up and even parking lot stripe painting. The last one was super interesting to me, alas it isn’t the best thing for what Bobby was looking for.

Which is something we should ALL be looking for in our businesses.

The question he asked me is how could he turn his business into a more cash flow positive business with more residual cleaning contracts?

The problem with construction clean ups is that they’re exactly the same as move in and move out cleanings in that it is a one-off job. You don’t go in there and clean several times a week. You do it once and it is over. You collect payment once and that’s it.

It can be frustrating, especially when you need to balance your work staff with the feast and famine that comes along with one-off jobs.

Resource Alert: How to Motivate Your Cleaning Crew: https://oldsite.growmycleaningcompany.comyour-cleaning-crew/

The first thing I told Bobby was that he would need to migrate away from this service. If you are offering several services yourself… why? You should be focusing on ONE service with laser-like intensity. You need to become the best in the world at one thing, not somewhat okay at several things.

Look at your services and ask yourself which one has the opportunity to create residual cleaning contracts for your business? Which one do you know the best? That is the one you need to focus on.

In this case, it was the commercial cleaning contracts that offered the most opportunity. Once you’ve identified the service, you need to identify the niche you want to tackle. It could be banks, car dealerships or even restaurants.

Restaurants in particular are harder clients in that they can be absolutely filthy. However, restaurants feel a REAL pain when it comes to cleanliness. They need people like you. Often these kind of contracts are going to be 3-5 times per week, sometimes even more.

There is no “small” restaurant cleaning contract!

Resource Alert: Keeping Your Residential Cleaning Service Competitive with the “Big Guys”: https://oldsite.growmycleaningcompany.comyour-cleaning-crew/

For someone looking to really spearhead the way into residual contracts, restaurants can be the perfect place to start.

Regardless of what you pick, once you do pick something you need to focus on it. In a year to two years you can get to know that entire niche, every decision-maker and become a household name for them when it comes to quality cleaning that works.

Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

Stop planning and talking about the business you want to be in and just start being in the business you want to be in.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?

Not supervising employees tight enough. Giving employees too much leniency and regretting it later.

What’s one idea cleaning nation can put into practice to improve their business or their lives immediately?

Use door hangers and flyers, get out there meeting up with people eyeball to eyeball. It increased my business significantly.
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