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Episode 876

Five Clarity Keys to Crush Your Goals: Episode 876


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Episode 876 – Five Clarity Keys to Crush Your Goals: Episode 876

Today on the podcast, we have some outstanding in-house team members Lindsay Bjorklund and Tracey Thompson here to talk to you. Today’s topic is ‘five clarity keys to crushing your goals’. In this episode, they are going to go through what might be getting in the way of you accomplishing the goals you set for yourself and your business, many of which are things you may not even be aware of. Listen in to clarify how to set yourself up for success when it comes to moving forward in your business.

1st Key - What is the Intended Optimal Outcome?

The reason this is so important is that it keeps you from making general goals. For example, you might have a ‘goal’ of creating a client attraction funnel, but since you don’t know what step one is, you don’t move forward. Goals have to be measurable so you know when you have accomplished it. A better question to ask yourself is, ‘what do I want the outcome of this to be”? In this case, it might be something like ‘I want to get 10 new clients by this day). Getting that clarity will allow you to do things that directly support completing your goal rather than distract from it.

2nd Key - Why?

Once you figure out the outcome of your goal, ask yourself why. Why does this outcome matter to me? Why do I want to accomplish this goal in the first place? What would the dollar amount that bringing in ten new clients do to me as a person? How would it change my life and the life of my family? This can help you understand why it matters to you and why it’s worth fighting for when things get difficult. It’s even better if you can get an emotional connection to that goal, it will help connect you even more.

3rd Key-When?

This key, helps you really commit to a timeline. We all know that a goal without a date is just a wish, but this becomes even more important as your daily life gets busier and busier. Sit down and give yourself a date. It is both motivating and functional in the matter of setting goals. For this to work, you need a start date and a completion date. If nothing else, you need to know when you will complete this goal.

The Next Right Step 3rd Key - When?

The best, most effective way to really accomplish your goals is to take them a baby step at a time. After you’ve established what your goal is and when you want it completed, in order to proceed forward you have to ask yourself what the next right step is. If you say something like I’m going to get two clients by next week, that’s not a step, that’s a mini project, and it’s going to feel overwhelming because you don’t really know what it involves in doing that either. It’s easier to stay small and focus on unimportant details when you don’t know what step one is.

Final Takeaway: To really accomplish a goal, there are certain important steps that can make all the difference towards your goal success. 

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