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Episode 1023

Finding Their Work-Life Balance: Mike & Amber Kelley’s Story: Episode 1023


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Episode 1023 – Finding Their Work-Life Balance: Mike & Amber Kelley’s Story


In this podcast, Elite members, Mike and Amber Kelley, the owners of M.A.D. Cleaning Services in Orlando, Florida, share their remarkable journey with host Mike Campion. Despite the challenges they faced, they were determined to overcome them and reach new heights in their cleaning business.

Starting Amidst a Pandemic

The Kelleys embarked on their cleaning business venture during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their early successes were promising, as they filled their calendar with cleaning jobs and leveraged their network of contacts. However, they soon realized that relying solely on personal connections had limitations and that they needed to expand their reach.

Obstacles Along the Way

Despite their initial achievements, the Kelleys encountered various obstacles. They grappled with a high turnover rate among their employees and struggled to find quality staff. Long working hours and a lack of a client attraction system added to their challenges. They also faced difficulties in maintaining a work-life balance and developing a distinct company culture.

Discovering the Path to Improvement

Their journey towards improvement took a significant turn when they came across Grow My Cleaning Company’s educational videos and podcasts. Intrigued by the insights and strategies presented, they began implementing these ideas even before officially joining the program. Their early successes from these efforts encouraged them to take the leap and become part of the program.

Building a Positive Company Culture

One of the Kelleys’ significant achievements was the development of a positive company culture. Before their transformation, they described their hiring process as bland and unproductive. However, by implementing weekly meetings, monthly parties, and quarterly reviews, they fostered a work environment that attracted better employees.

Changing Mindsets and Setting Goals

The key to their success, they emphasize, was a change in mindset. They had to reevaluate their goals and recognize that they didn’t want to be stuck in the cycle of exhausting work. By setting boundaries, reducing their service radius, and giving up weekend work, they regained control over their lives and business.

The Importance of Self-Reflection

The Kelleys stress the importance of self-reflection. They recommend taking the time to understand what you truly want from your business and personal life. They also advise others to prioritize work-life balance and seek support when needed.

Overcoming Challenges as a Couple

Working together as a married couple presented unique challenges. However, by dividing responsibilities, setting boundaries, and emphasizing work-life balance, they managed to overcome these challenges and continue growing their business.


Mike and Amber Kelley’s journey from struggle to success is a testament to the power of mindset shifts, strategic changes, and seeking support from valuable resources. Their story underscores the importance of self-reflection, goal-setting, and building a positive company culture. It serves as an inspiration for cleaning business owners looking to transform their businesses and lives.
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