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Episode 1122

Finding the Right Leads and More: Mike Answers Your Top Questions: Episode 1122


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Episode 1122 – Finding the Right Leads and More: Mike Answers Your Top

Hey, Cleaning Nation! Every week, we connect with our community to understand your biggest questions and challenges. Our outreach coaches, who engage with you daily on Instagram and in our Facebook group, have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions from these interactions. Today, we’re excited to share these insights and provide answers to help you navigate your cleaning business journey more effectively. Let’s dive into the top questions our team has collected!

Better Leads, Better Business

One common question we get is about lead sources. Many of you rely on just one source, like Angie’s Leads, and it’s not always working out. While buying leads can be cheap, they often sell the same lead to multiple people, making it hard to get a good return. The key is not to depend on just one source. It’s also crucial to be quick in responding to leads, especially for residential services. If you take too long, someone else might snatch up your potential client.

Quality Over Quantity

It’s not just about where you get your leads but also about the quality of your leads and your sales process. Instead of just looking for the next magic marketing trick, focus on who your ideal clients are and what problems you solve for them. Tailor your message to speak directly to their needs. For example, a cleaning service that emphasizes peace of mind and time saved is more compelling than just offering a discount.

Pricing Your Services

Another hot topic is how to price your cleaning services. People often get hung up on charging by square footage or by the hour, but it’s more effective to offer a flat rate that solves a problem. When you price this way, it becomes easier for clients to understand the value they’re getting. Remember, the key is to know your costs and ensure your pricing covers those costs while still making a profit.

Finding and Keeping Good Workers

Finding reliable employees is another challenge many of you face. The trick is to have a constant hiring system in place and not wait until you’re desperate. Look for people who fit your company culture, not just those who can clean well. Consistently hiring helps you avoid being short-staffed and ensures you always have quality workers.

It's All About the System

The common thread in all these challenges is having a good system. Whether it’s generating leads, pricing your services, or hiring employees, a well-thought-out system can make all the difference. Keep testing and refining your approaches until you find what works best for your cleaning business.
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