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Episode 1014

Finding Success through Core Values, Specialized Coaching and More: Manny’s Story: Episode 1014


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episode 1014
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Episode 1014 – Finding Success through Core Values, Specialized Coaching and More: Manny’s Story


In this podcast episode, Mike Campion and Manny Rodriguez, a member of the Clean Profit Elite, discuss Manny’s journey in the cleaning industry and the challenges he faced. They delve into topics related to hiring employees and attracting clients.

The Initial Struggles

Manny initially struggled with his cleaning company, trying various approaches without a clear strategy. He emphasized the importance of having a strategy and the right guidance in developing his business. Manny highlighted the challenge of finding successful cleaning companies and the need for accountability and mentorship.

Marketing Missteps

Specifically, when it came to marketing, Manny shared his experience with Google AdWords and how he was spending a lot of time and money without getting the desired results. He realized the importance of a proper strategy and guidance to make marketing efforts effective.

Hiring the Right Way

In terms of hiring, Manny discussed his initial approach, which involved hiring anyone available, including friends and family. He realized the need to change this approach and learned how to hire effectively through the coaching program. This shift allowed him to attract better employees who aligned with his core values.

The Power of Core Values

Mike and Manny also emphasized the significance of understanding one’s core values, both for hiring and customer attraction. Manny’s experience demonstrated how core values could be a game-changer in hiring employees who fit well with the company culture and in attracting clients who share similar values.

Authentic Core Values

Mike provided additional insight by suggesting that core values should be based on who you are rather than aspirational values. Authenticity in expressing core values helps attract people who resonate with your values and repel those who do not align with them.

Manny’s Conclusion

Manny concluded by encouraging listeners to explore podcasts like this one and leverage the community to learn from others’ experiences and challenges in the cleaning industry. Listening to others’ stories can help identify areas for improvement and growth.


This podcast episode highlights the importance of strategy, core values, and community in the cleaning industry, offering valuable insights for cleaning company owners. Manny’s journey from initial struggles to success serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and the right guidance in the business world.
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