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Episode 601

Finding a Niche for Your Cleaning Company: Episode 601


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Episode 601 – Finding a Niche for Your Cleaning Company

When I first started my businesses I thought that the more potential customers I had, the better my business would be. However, I really struggled to grow my company past the $500K mark. I was struggling to figure out why even with all of my potential customers I wasn’t growing. I had a dream to take over the world and be huge. I thought that the MORE “tiny businesses” and potential customers I had, the better my chances were. I was wrong. I started a bunch of different little businesses that I thought were all related and figured if just one of them grew a lot or they all grew a little.

When my first wife left me and I went bankrupt, I had to start from scratch and couldn’t juggle all of those businesses. I chose to focus on how to make my life easier instead of being so laser-focused on growing faster. By doing this, it turns out I did both! I still had to fight those beliefs that I was handicapping myself, but for the first time in my life I wasn’t all consumed by my desire to grow a business, so oddly enough I was able to focus for the first time and give my business what it needed. If I didn’t make my company work , I wouldn’t be able to make my child support payments and would go to jail! I have NO choice. It had to be done and it had to work.

I saw the light then, but it really came into focus when I started my first podcast “Conversations w/ a Genius”. I interviewed many smart people and they seemed to not have a lot in common when it came to business. I built a large audience quickly but since they didn’t really have anything in common, I couldn’t help them with anything or sell them anything. Once I started the GMCC podcast, I was able to be pretty famous in a very small niche! Not only did I get famous but I also grew incredibly fast!

I moved from throwing money down a well of trying to be everything to everyone and NO ONE noticing to being something substantial to a very specific group of people. Opportunity shifted from trying to dig 1,000 one-foot holes to one 1,000 foot hole. I could REALLY be the best in the world to THESE specific people. Every action I did had a bigger impact and a larger reach.

I did the work so you don’t have too.

Here is my framework to pick a niche:

  1. Make sure they have PAIN
  2. Make sure they have money
  3. Make sure there are enough of them (10% minimum before diluted)
This is what allowed me to FINALLY get my first million dollar business. Now it’s allowed me MUCH bigger impact and it can do the same for you! Not only did I grow FASTER, I LOVE my people, my team loves my people and we can make a much bigger impact. This is one of the “secret” few that almost all successful people get.

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