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Ep 520
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Episode 520 – FAST TRACK Your Systems for SUCCESS

If you want to be free to work ON your business and really grow, you need systems to RUN your business while you BUILD your business. ESPECIALLY in times of upheaval! Which for business is always. If you don’t have systems, you run yourself ragged for no results, get burned out and quit. So many of our clients have a hard time wrapping their minds around getting paid more for doing almost NO grunt work and just “thinking” things into existence. Today we’re going to jump in and explore this concept!

False Belief - Equipment, cars, advertising, office space and operations managers- THAT is where I need to invest my time and money (aka "real tangible things").

In reality, you should invest in YOU first, your cleaners second, and systems third. THEN you will find you don’t need that stuff. It’s harder to quantify your mindset and developing core values, for example – as opposed to a tangible office space, but worth it in the long run!

False Belief - I have to have everything perfect before I execute.

The truth is… Ready, Fire, Aim! Nothing will ever be perfect. It won’t even have a chance to be perfect until you execute! We have to watch the system break first before we can perfect it. We also have to learn to be okay with it not being perfect from the first iteration.

False Belief - Systems are all you need.

Actually, you need Core Values based people first, THEN systems matter! This is why we mentioned systems coming third. Without you and the right employees, any GOOD system won’t work if the people aren’t set up with your core values first. Overvaluing systems is not the answer, and neither is undervaluing systems. A happy medium is necessary.

False Belief - Systems need to be hard and in a binder.

We’ve found that good systems are easy to create and update. Just video yourself or your staff training everyone for every job and you now have a library of all your systems! No thick binder saturated with too much information necessary!

False Belief - I don’t have money to pay someone for their systems, so I will just have to figure it out.

If you don’t have money to pay for someone else’s systems, you DEFINITELY don’t have money to gamble on figuring it out! Lack of resources as an excuse is usually a sign that you really shouldn’t be in business. People that have the strong desire WILL figure a way out!

False Belief - Who I am and what I believe have nothing to do with systems.

YOU have to be ready to own the business you want. Systems tell you what to DO, but you have to know who to BE before any of it makes sense. Once you invest in YOU being the right PERSON, you will attract the right PEOPLE. When you are the right person and HAVE the right people, THEN systems supercharge growth, freedom and constant up-leveling!

Once all this is in place, growth is natural and fun and you are comfortable spending your time ON your business, not in it!

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