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Episode 555

Facebook Ads & Your Cleaning Company: Episode 555: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 555 – Facebook Ads & Your Cleaning Company

In this special episode, Jered (our Facebook Traffic Guru) and Lindsay (our Director of Operations), take over for Mike. They will teach you how you can use Facebook advertising for your cleaning company and share with you the latest insights on trends on Facebook advertising.

Two Popular Ways of Marketing Right Now:

Facebook marketing is always changing and right now there are two popular ways that you can do it, chat and what Jered calls a “teaching moment”.

Normally when we run ads, we try to take them to a website, which is usually a landing page or an opt-in page, and has the chat option that pops. You can have the conversation directly with the person. With chat, we’re able to put an ad out. Someone will see the ad, connect with it, and then we will use the action to go straight to Facebook messenger for a conversation.

The second trend is “teaching moments”. This method is like a cliffhanger. For example, as you scroll through Facebook you will see an ad or a video ad that says “Here’s three ways that you can trim your beard without making your wife upset”. In the video they will give you the first few steps. First on how to trim your beard in a really great and convincing way. Then, on the later part of the video they will advise you to click a link to their website and to buy their product which is very helpful and necessary to achieve the perfect trim. And that is what they are actually selling- that is their product.

How to Apply It as a Cleaner Company:


If you’re a residential cleaner, you can run an ad that reflects a situation or a pain of your customer. For example, a mom with a house that’s destroyed. 

Then, talk about it. “Is this you? Do you find yourself facing the same issues?”.

For the call to action, be direct. Instead of directing them to your website and giving them information about your service, direct them to your messenger instead and start the conversation.

This part can be automated, that is available on Facebook. Let them answer a few direct questions that will help you know about them and their situation.

You can start with: “Hey Lindsay, this is Samantha from Samantha’s Cleaning. I have a few questions for you before we get started. Is that okay?” And then it will say: “yes or no”.

Then the next question will be something such as “Are you in this area?”, “How many bedrooms do you have?”, and so on.

You will be asking direct and simple questions that will help you evaluate and know your potential client more.

After a few automated questions you or a representative of your business will be contacted or connected with the client to continue the conversation and close the deal.

For commercial cleaners, a good example is offering a discount or a promotion.

For example: “50% disinfecting click below”. Once they open your chat box, you start to ask them questions and know their pain.

You can do this by using an automated chat box as well.

“Teaching Moments”

For residential cleaners, you could make a video that is applicable to the audience that you want to clean for, a video that can solve their pain or is related to their pain.

For example, make a video that teaches how to organize your silverware for only fifteen seconds. But your video shouldn’t contain the complete steps.

You should only give enough to get them hooked and curious. The goal of your video is to provide them value while getting them curious or interested for more.

You should give them something they would find helpful and would want to know more about it.

Then, you forward them to your website. Here you can do two things.

You can either have a video that goes over the rest, or you can send them an email that provides all the information.

If they jump over to get the document and you’ve got their email, send them a reply saying thank you and this is where you offer them your services.

As for the video, just make sure that before you end it, that you promote and offer your business.

Don’t forget to tell them how they can reach you and avail your service.

Ultimate Advice:

Facebook marketing is always changing, but the main points on how you can get clients through marketing doesn’t. You can pay for Facebook advertising or you can use it for free advertising. 

As long as you get to know, understand, connect and provide solutions to your clients pain, you can sell properly and get a closed deal.

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